Iaquinta not supporting veterans



We know you are proud of Delegate Richard Iaquinta who is a fellow veteran and Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. We know the Veterans Organizations in your district support Delegate Iaquinta since he is a member of these organizations. We know you (some of which are veterans of the 48th District), could have a lot of influence when it comes to getting legislation passed to help all the veterans of WV.

veteranThe sad truth is Delegate Iaquinta has killed 40 pieces of legislation over the past three years designed to help the veterans of our state. He has killed this legislation by refusing to put bills on the agenda of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to be considered by all members of the committee. He even refused to put HB2599 on the agenda to form a commission dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Our veterans continue to suffer because he did not move this bill. Delegate Iaquinta is a fellow veteran, but he has decided not to support us, the veterans, but to go along with what the bureaucrats in Charleston want him to do. He also gets bad recommendations from some veterans in the 48th District which hurts the majority of veterans of our state.

We ask you, the all Veterans and Veterans of the 48th District, to meet with Delegate Iaquinta and ask him face to face why he does not support the veterans of our state. We must know why he is willing to kill legislation to help our fellow veterans because he is killing us through his lack of action as the Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. There are an estimated 170,000 veterans in WV and your Delegate is not supporting us. We need to find out why, and we need to know who/what it is that he does support because it is not us, the veterans of West Virginia.

I am a fellow veteran who has worked with Delegate Iaquinta for years to get veterans legislation passed. I have no faith in his desire to help fellow veterans but to only continue to let us die because of a lack of needed support from our state government.


Jack E. Tincher, USAF Retired

Crab Orchard


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