Hunting or trespassing?

Dear Editor:

My home is in a very secluded location. Most folks do not come here without an invitation. I appreciate knowing if someone is going to arrive.

So, a dog crossed my deck, and shortly later a young man steps up on my deck. His first statement is “I didn’t know this place was back here!” Well, that is the whole point!!!

I did not invite his exhausted bear-running hound, nor did I invite him.

There is not one thing about this “sport” I can understand! Where is the point in it?! The bears and dogs suffer, the dog owner trespasses, and my privacy is invaded.

I want this to stop. It appears they have all the rights and I have none. He was polite as he calmly explained he has every right to be here, following his dog. Sure feels like trespassing to me.

Debbie Naeter


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