Is Hillary worthy of the job?

Dear Editor:

I’m looking at the political world through my eyes, the eyes of a VietNam Veteran. I’m also looking through the eyes of my brother Tony who is a Korean Veteran. The eyes of my half brother Melvin who I never got to meet because he was killed in WWII flying a dive bomber fighting the Japanese. And the eyes of my father who fought in the trenches of France in WWI fighting the Germans. The eyes of my mother who ran the Draft Board, Local Board #4 in Lewisburg during the VietNam conflict. This is just my immediate family. I don’t think my family is very different than most American families out there. I think that a lot of families had members who served in conflicts down through the years. Every American family has been involved in one way or another.

That brings me to the point I want to make. How can anyone with common sense and the ability to do your own research into all the information that is prevalent in this world today, possibly overlook the fact that Hillary Clinton totally abandoned those four men in Benghazi?

Now some of you will say that she wasn’t directly responsible for their deaths that night. I beg to differ, she was DIRECTLY responsible. The buck stopped with her! Lack of money is no excuse either. Money never stopped a politician from doing what is right! Over 600 emails had been sent in the days before the attack literally begging for reinforcements, to no avail! She did not do her job as Secretary of State. She WAS responsible and she ignored the calls for help! Furthermore, I watched how quickly they recovered the bodies and brought them home to America. This is where Hillary told the parents directly to their faces that we [the government] would punish these barbarians and punish the person who made this supposed video. A total lie! Absolute bold faced lie. No one was EVER brought to justice and the video was proven to be a sorry excuse for a lie!

On election day I want you to think about how they mutilated Ambassador Stevens’ naked body and dragged him up and down through the streets of Benghazi! You probably don’t like that picture I just painted in your minds but that’s exactly what they did. How would you like that to have happened to your son, or your husband, or any member of your immediate family? I don’t think anyone would. I think you would be devastated and heart broken and very mad that your elected officials botched their jobs and cost you your loved one. That is what the parents feel now about their kids that died that night. The wives that lost their husbands that night. Can you feel their pain? I can, and as a veteran I feel the BETRAYAL that I know any veteran would feel if they were in their shoes! This whole thing is disgraceful and NOT the America I know! There is NO excuse! NONE!

Election day is looming very close. No matter how you slice it on election day, I would hope that all of you first think about your own family tree and the relatives that served in some way down through the years. Not as Democrats or Republicans, but as honorable AMERICANS that served this nation. Then ask yourself if Hillary is WORTHY of being your President?


James G. Livesay



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