Hill and Holler presents Kim Logan and Snake Doctor

Snake DoctorNashville songstress Kim Logan and rock and roll band Snake Doctor bring a unique night of music to Hill and Holler’s new location on Sunday night, July 19 at 7 p.m. “Conjuring up dirty blues, classic country, and rock ‘n’ roll,” Kim Logan and her tight five-piece band are on a national tour behind her debut album. “A classic, craftsman’s songwriting sensibility, paired with sonic homage to each unique sub-genre in the history of southern music, makes for Kim’s gap-bridging, line-blurring, time-traveling sound. From the delta blues to the psychedelic ‘60s, from the golden years of classic country to the perfect soul of Muscle Shoals, Kim illustrates her roots through her original songs.”

Snake Doctor’s songs showcase an energetic power that burns with the urgency of ‘70s rock and roll and country blues combined with elements of vaudeville theatre and gypsy jazz, resulting in an altogether immersive and unique sound. Hard to pin down and ever-changing, Snake Doctor always seem to keep audiences guessing and unsure of just what they are witnessing. One thing is certain, this is true rock and roll.

Tickets $5 at the door.


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