Health Department introduces litter control program

The Greenbrier County Health Department has initiated a new litter control program in order to help address solid waste problems within the county. The county sanitarians became certified as litter control officers earlier this year in order to address problems with trash accumulations and illegal dumping on private properties. Citizens are encouraged to contact the health department with concerns regarding open dumps or other unlawful disposal of litter. The sanitarians will investigate any significant accumulation of rubbish or garbage, including illegal tire piles and improper disposal of construction or demolition waste. Wood waste accumulations are not considered unlawful and buildups of household trash that appear to be less than 30 days’ worth should not be reported.

County residents who are found to be in violation of solid waste disposal laws will be given notices of violation and a specified time frame in which to clean up the implicated trash. Failure to comply with the terms of the cleanup will result in the initiation of legal action that could ultimately include fines and court costs.

West Virginia law requires that the occupant of every residence and business location in the state be able to provide proof that the waste generated from that location is legally disposed of at least once every 30 days.

Questions about solid waste disposal and valid complaints about violations should be reported to the health department’s Environmental Health Program office at 304-645-1539.


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