Hawks and Hiking Day September 20

On Saturday, Sept. 20, at 10 a.m., in the parking area of the Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory, Brian Hirt and Robert Shaw, members of the West Virginia Scenic Trails Association, will host workshops for anyone interested in learning about raptor identification or getting involved with hiking and maintaining the Allegheny Trail.

Each year data is complied from Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory and reported to the Hawk Migration Association of North America to be used in their studies. 2014 marks the 62nd year that data has been nationally shared from Hanging Rock. Hirt will explain the methods used in identifying raptors in the flight and the process of recording migration data by volunteers. Live hawks and a peregrine falcon will be on display from Three Rivers Avian Center to further enhance the ability to identify these birds of prey. Veteran hawk watchers, Davis and Hirt will be there to assist all day. Last year, Sept. 22 was the busiest day of the year at Hanging Rock with a count of 1,591 raptors passing the tower, so bring binoculars and plan on spending a day watching these amazing predators in flight.

If bird watching isn’t an idea of fun but hiking on the Allegheny Trail, the longest trail in West Virginia, is, then Robert Shaw is the guy to see. Shaw has hiked the entire 330 miles of the trail and has been instrumental in maintaining it, especially in the southern portions of Monroe County. Join Shaw and learn about the Allegheny Trail and the West Virginia Scenic Trails Association. Then beginning at Hanging Rock, be prepared for some light trail maintenance and a hike on Peters Mountain.

There are no fees or charges. Just bring hiking boots and love of nature.

For more information, contact Brian Hirt at 540-559-9750 or Robert Shaw at 304-645-6184. Also visit www.hangingrocktower.org.


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