Halloween memories

Dear Editor:
The Halloween Festival, the first for Lewisburg, went over really well, a lot of people came out for it,everyone enjoyed it. Because it was something new and different.
Some people think that the City of Lewisburg did the festival, Mayot Manchester was called and asked about it, and I’m sure he will agree with me that the credit for it goes where the credit is due. That would be Madison Meadows.
Madison Meadows is a young mother of two little girls, and one on the way, who has always loved Halloween and has always wanted to have a Halloween Festival.
After talking to the Mayor, Madison went to work, she and her two friends, Cody Sizemore and Courtney Floyd, put together a Halloween Festival. They did a great job, for the first one.
Madison’s family helped, because there was a lot to do, talk to people, find a place to have it, make sure this was done, and that was taken care of, until it all come together.
The Humane Society was there, with animals to adopt, and they had a contest for animals dressed up for Halloween.
WVSOM students were there, some dressed up, some had their face painted, giving out candy and having a great time.
A pumpkin contest, games to play, food venders,and lots of candy everywhere. All the kids a great time.
Madison would like to do it again next year, now she knows what to expect and what is needed, like more games for the kids, more food venders. She hopes that the business owners in Lewisburg will want to help, and join in the fun. Madison starts in August, so everyone has 10 months to think about it. Madison didn’t get pictures or a write-up in the newspapers this year, but will work on that for next year.
While on the subject of Halloween, there has been so much in the newspapers this year about trick or treating and the Graham Addition. Like it is something new. If it’s Halloween, and you are in Lewisburg and you are going trick or treating, then you go to the Graham Addition. It has been that way for over 60 years, you start at the top of the hill on Frazier Street, and you don’t stop until you get to the Old Stone Church on Church Street.
Back then every porch light was on, candy wasn’t so expensive, and people got into Halloween. I don’t know that anything bad ever happened, no one ever got hit with a car, no one ever got hurt that I know of. There were no problems, no one caused any trouble. It was all good clean fun.
I went trick or treating in the Graham Addition, many, many years ago, and so did my kids, they still talk about it. My grandchildren did, and my great-grandchildren did.
This year my great-great-grandchildren went trick or treating in the Graham Addition. It was what you did, like it was the only place to go.
I grew up on Frazier Street, and Halloween was special. Over the years, I have seen as many as 250 to 300 kids show up at my parents front door for candy, on a Halloween night. My parents loved Halloween, they made sure they had enough candy, Dad would keep count of the kids and Mom would give out the candy, both of them enjoyed every minute of it.
I miss Halloween in the Graham Addition, I miss Halloween on Frazier Street, I miss Halloween with Mom and Dad.
Oh my … if Frazier Street could only talk, the stories it could tell. The memories are special.
Mona Clark

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