GVMC partners with MDsave to offer $99 mammograms in October

Partnership creates opportunity for women to get affordable, life-saving breast cancer screenings during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Wearing pink in October is more than just supporting those battling breast cancer – it’s raising awareness of how easily it can happen to the ones we love. That’s why Greenbrier Valley Medical Center has partnered with online healthcare marketplace MDsave to offer $99 mammogram screenings, helping women afford these crucial preventive scans.

Mammograms are specialized x-rays that can detect signs of breast cancer and are one of the best ways to spot early indications of cancer even before symptoms appear. But at the average price of $400, mammogram screenings are not accessible to all, especially uninsured women or those whose mammograms are not covered by insurance.

“When caught early, breast cancer is over 90 percent survivable,” said Donna Kirby, Director of Patient Access, “so early detection is key. Mammograms are an important part of breast cancer prevention, and our partnership with MDsave is helping us make them available to more women in our community.”

Breast cancer is a big deal, but getting a mammogram isn’t – especially when buying one at the promotional $99 price is as easy as point-and-click. To purchase your mammogram screening, visit and select West Virginia then choose Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. Add the procedure to your cart, just like shopping online. Upon checkout, you will receive a voucher for your mammogram to present when you arrive for your appointment. All related fees are included in the $99 price, so there are no surprise bills. Mammogram vouchers bought during the October promotion remain valid for six months after purchase and can be scheduled for a later date unless your provider specifies otherwise.

For more information about the $99 mammogram promotion or how the voucher works, visit

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