GV Airport announces new restaurant

Last week, the Greenbrier County Airport Authority announced that it was ditching the locally-owned Dutch Haus restaurant for Tailwind Concessions, a Wilmington, NC, based regional airport concessionaire.
Dutch Haus and Tailwind had both bid on a contract to operate a restaurant in the Greenbrier County Airport. Dutch Haus currently occupies the space, but Airport Manager Stephen Snyder advised the authority that Tailwind’s proposal had included a $350,000-$375,000 renovation which sweetened the pot by including an outdoor dining area and a gift shop.
The authority voted to grant the contract to Tailwind Concessions and provide a 30-day notice to terminate operations to Dutch Haus owners.
Tailwind operates 14 restaurants in regional airports around the country, and is expected to hire 8-15 local employees. The Greenbrier Valley Airport restaurant is, as yet, unnamed.

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