Groups denounce shooting of oil employee in Lincoln County

Dear Editor:

As environmental organizations opposed to the massive poorly regulated shale gas “fracking” and related pipeline expansion in the Marcellus, we strongly denounce the reported shooting of Mark Miller, an employee of HG Energy LLC. This violent and despicable act reportedly occurred near Sod, in Lincoln County, West Virginia, on Monday afternoon Apr. 13, 2015. The perpetrator of this violence reportedly accosted Miller sitting in his vehicle with a recording saying, “stop the drilling,” and then reportedly shot Miller through the window.

We offer our sympathy for Mr. Miller and desire for a rapid and full recovery, along with extending our hearts toward his family, friends, and co-workers.

We seek development of a sustainable, clean energy future without excessive impact upon our land and water. To that end, we seek to influence public policy-makers, regulatory agents, and our fellow citizens through sound science, economic analysis, and appeal to high ethical standards. We absolutely repudiate any and all violence whether in deed or word. The future we seek is one of peace and justice.

Beth Little

Eight Rivers Council,

Jim Sconyers

WV Chapter Sierra Club

Cynthia Ellis

WV Highlands Conservancy

Maria Gunnoe


Allen Johnson

Christians for the Mountains

Leslee McCarty

Greenbrier River Watershed Assoc.

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