Greenbrier Valley Retirement Community on the horizon

Greenbrier Valley Lifecare is a nonprofit organization that has been actively working to establish a retirement community in the Greenbrier Valley. A land site adjacent to Lewisburg, 50-85 acres of attractive farmland, is currently under study and negotiation. The plan is to build 50 independent living cottages and apartments and community buildings. The second phase will build 25 assisted living and memory care units. Greenbrier Valley Lifecare Inc. is committed to a financial structure to keep this community affordable to middle class residents.

Greenbrier Valley Lifecare, formerly Continuous Care Retirement Committee, has been working for five years. This group consists of people from various government, social, community service, medical, economic development and commercial agencies as well as interested consumers. The current board of Trustees are President Sue Ducharme, Vice-President Helen Harless, Secretary/Treasurer James Rowe, and members Joan Montgomery, Ron Magruder, Brenda Spencer, and Linda Spencer.

Currently the over 65 population for the Greenbrier Valley exceeds the state and national averages. In 2025, one in three persons in this county will be over 65. Many people are living in retirement longer than their working years. Additionally, they are living with one or more disabilities. A continuous care community (independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care) will provide a better quality of life for those years. Currently Greenbrier Valley residents are moving out of the area to achieve this kind of community. It has been estimated that there could be 100 full time jobs for each 200 people in this retirement community. Besides the anticipated economic benefit there would be increased tax revenues, art and cultural benefits.

Greenbrier Valley Lifecare has started a capital fundraising campaign. Three million cash and two million in equity are needed before construction can begin. Board members are available to talk to individuals, civic and interested agencies. Your input is welcomed. Contact Sue Ducharme, 304-956-0036,