Greenbrier Valley: Growing Prosperity

The Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation in Maxwelton announces a published article in the Trade & Industry Development May/June 2015 magazine, a publication through Due North Consulting, Inc. T & ID is a bimonthly publication that is dedicated to site selection. Each issue highlights a specific targeted market and is sent to decision makers within that market.
The article features a case study of the economic development program used by the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC) while, at the same time, showcasing the attributes of the region. Stephen Weir, GVEDC executive director, was instrumental with the development of the case study which conveys the GVEDC’s unique economic approach, an asset based, called integrated economic development. This approach involves analyzing the area’s gifts and expanding on them to develop a better community.
Stephen Weir stated, “We are trying to create sustainable ideas and programs, industries and businesses that will feed each other as they grow.” The GVEDC’s Rahall Business and Technology Center, a 140,000 sq. ft. building, is filled to capacity including two new business startups ECER Technologies and the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company.
The GVEDC has progressed with many initiatives and collaborative efforts. The Greenbrier Valley Local Food Initiative has been very successful in assisting local farmers. The Greenbrier Valley Grown Brand is utilized by many local producers and recognized by many consumers. The next initiative that will soon be launched is the Local Food First campaign.
Much support and partnerships have been formed due the great work of many individuals and organizations in this region. The GVEDC anticipates greater growth for the Greenbrier Valley. Tom Cross, vice president of the GVEDC Board of Directors, stated, “I have always been excited about the future of our Greenbrier Valley, and this article just makes me more excited about our future. The future of the valley starts now.”
The case study is a great article. To read the entire article and links to all our websites, please visit Also, look for the GVEDC Quality of Life piece, written by Stephen Weir, in the T & ID July/August 2015 publication.

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