The Greenbrier presents Fine Art Week – October 20-26

The Greenbrier, the historic American resort in the picturesque foothills of West Virginia’s Mountains, is partnering with Walls Fine Art Gallery to present The Greenbrier Fine Art Week, Oct. 20-26.

The Greenbrier Fine Art Week is an invitational event, bringing recognized professional artists from around the country to paint the area, lecture and demonstrate at The Greenbrier.

The schedule includes daily painting demonstrations in the gallery and various evening art presentations. The invited artists will spend their (unscheduled) days out in the landscape, on the grounds of The Greenbrier, or around Lewisburg producing paintings for the First Look! Party, Saturday morning, Oct. 25. At The First Look! Party one fortunate ticket holder will win the painting “Mountain Spring,” 16” x 32”, oil, by Perry Austin. (Tickets for The First Look! are complimentary and available at Walls Fine Art Gallery, located in the main shopping corridor in The Greenbrier. Must be present to win.)

All artists participate in the “Quick Draw” on Friday afternoon, Oct. 24 from 2-4:30 p.m. on the grounds of The Greenbrier. Because the artists are hard to find while they’re scattered out in the landscape, they will come together for the Quick Draw, when they will paint the same general subject and be only minutes’ walk from each other.

A highlight of the event for all – including for the invited artists themselves – will be the presentations by the editor of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Peter Trippi, and the editor of Plein Air Magazine, Stephen Doherty. Peter Trippi has curated major museum art exhibitions in London and the US and written a scholarly and beautiful book on JW Waterhouse. Stephen Doherty was the long-time editor of American Artist Magazine. Together Peter and Stephen will present a talk on “Print Media and Contemporary Artists.” Peter Trippi will also present a lecture with an extensive slideshow entitled “What’s Next for Contemporary Realist Art?”

The Greenbrier Fine Art Week is an entertaining learning event for painters of all skill levels, art collectors, art enthusiasts, and the curious. All events are complimentarv.

The Painters:

• Gil Dellinger (CA) – President of Plein Air Painters of America who works in oils, pastels, and watercolors

• John Poon (UT) – wins awards for his painting and his teaching

• Charles Movalli (MA) – Editor of nine art books and over 70 articles for national art magazines

• Dale Ratcliff (MA) – Enthusiast of crashing New England waves, snow and horses

• Stapleton Kearns (NH) – Erudite art blogger at StapletonKearns.blogspot.com

• Randall Sexton (CA) – His paintings of motorcycles or airstream trailers are amazing

• Perry Austin (AL) – Says he paints The Disappearing South

• Steve Doherty (VA) – Long-time editor of American Artist Magazine, current editor of Plein Air Magazine

• Larry Moore (FL) – Award-winning illustrator turned award-winning fine artist

• TM Nicholas (MA) – Classic New England painter

• Kevin Macpherson (NM) – Star of PBS Passport and Palette, lots of books, “Ambassador for a Colorful World” working with kids in China and Central America

• Roger Dale Brown (TN) – Perpetual student, respected teacher whose work continually gets more impressive

• William Maughan (UT) – Founder of The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, author, illustrator, teacher

• Robert Isley (GA) – Painter of the ordinary, turning a laundry basket or pizza night into gems

For more information on the schedule and participating artists go to wallsgallery.com or greenbrier.com/art, or call 304-520-1221 for more information including photos.