Greenbrier Hotel Corporation files suit against Sporting Club resident

By David Esteppe

Harriet (Hatsy) Heep Shaffer is being sued by the Greenbrier Sporting Club after she was arrested by state police at the resort on Aug. 20.

The criminal complaint filed by West Virginia State Trooper Cpl. N.J. Hersman outlines misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, trespassing and obstructing an officer.

The lawsuit cites, “outrageous and shocking behavior” as the reasons for the requested ban. It also states that Shaffer has a history of violent behavior involving injury to another person with the use of firearms. News reports show that Shaffer has been arrested for allegedly shooting her husband at their Texas ranch in 2005.

Having already been given a last chance meeting with club officials for previous errant behavior, the lawsuit states, “In 2010, the defendant had engaged in disorderly, unreasonable, harassing, abusive and threatening behavior towards officers and employees.”

Shaffer, 66, owns a home on Monroe Ridge at the Sporting Club, and the lawsuit filed requests that she be permanently banned from the resort, with the exception of returning to and from her home.

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