Greenbrier County Young Writer winners

First place winners in grade levels 1-12 will attend the West Virginia Young Writers Day at the University of Charleston on May 15. They will be recognized as county winners and enjoy presentations by West Virginia Authors and participate in Young Writers Workshops.

The kindergarten level is only a county competition in which students dictate a story for their entry.

Kindergarten: “The Unicorn and the Leprechaun” by Davia Zimmerman, Lewisburg Elementary, Debra Johnson, teacher

Grade level 1-12 winners:

1st-2nd grade: “You Can Never Have Too Many Best Friends” by Bryce Holley Ronceverte Elementary, Deborah W. Johnson, teacher

Honorable Mention: “The Enchanted Flower” by Sofie Kelso, Lewisburg, Elementary, Cassi McCormick, teacher

3rd-4th grade: “The Girl and the Lion” by Abby Fowler, Ronceverte Elementary, Jessica Baker, teacher

Honorable Mention: “The Grumpy Elf” by Gabriel Dowdy, Frankford Elementary, Shawn Hill/Amber Workman, teachers

5th-6th: “Autobiography of a Giraffe” by Willa Gibson, Frankford Elementary, Amber Workman, teacher

Honorable Mention: “The Adventure” by Kate McClung, Lewisburg Elementary, Shannon Rittenhouse, teacher

7th-8th: “Here We Go Again” by Logan Toothman, Lewisburg Baptist Academy, Margaret Mason, teacher

Honorable Mention: “The Big Game” by Lydia Reed, Western Greenbrier Middle School, Nila Lytle, teacher

11th-12th: “My Nana” by Kendra Webb, Greenbrier East High School, Barry Rich, teacher

Honorable Mention: “One Classroom, One Change” by Jessica Tincher, Greenbrier East High School, Barry Rich, teacher.