Gov. Justice sets road bond referendum for October 7   

On Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice announced that the road bond referendum will be held on Saturday, October 7.

West Virginians will have the chance to vote to approve the issuance of $1.6 billion of state bonds to build and upgrade the state’s roads and bridges. Passage of the Roads to Prosperity Amendment is necessary to fully implement the governor’s plan to create 48,000 road building jobs, Justice’s office said in a press release.

“On Oct. 7 West Virginians have the chance to make history by approving the last step of my massive road building plan to create 48,000 immediate jobs,” said Justice. “Passing the Roads to Prosperity Amendment will open up the economic arteries of West Virginia and bring new job opportunities across the state. This bond will give us the ability to fix our potholes, repair bridges, and complete major construction projects. Voting ‘Yes’ for this bond is a vote for a brighter future and hope for all of our people.”

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