Goodnight, sweet Lewisburg

Dear Editor:

When Shakespeare wrote:”Parting is such sweet sorrow” he meant it for Romeo and Juliet, and he had her say: “Goodnight until we meet tomorrow.”

Not so for me, because there was no certainty that I would return on the morrow, or any other time. I was to board a plane bound for my birthplace, Australia. If the thought that I might not come back was a sad one, my delightful friends, dancers, choreographers and our wonderful Board members were not so sad. We were all in a carnival mood, mostly due to Beth White-Erb’s brilliant idea to bring my masks and costumes for all of us to wear and enjoy ourselves.

This letter is mainly to say “Thank You to Lewisburg” for all the love and support that has been bestowed on me since I came twenty-two years ago and joined the Trillium Group, an impulsive thing for me to have done. It must have worked well. Recently as I stood waiting for lights to change on Washington Street, a truck driver waiting in his big, old beat-up vehicle, called out: “You don’t know me, but I’ve seen you dance.” Fame at last!

I am here now in my friend Barbara’s charming house (she’s also a Bodenwieser dancer) in an early but now trendy part of Sydney. She has given me the front, second floor bedroom, with a wrought iron balcony. I will not be wasting my time for I have a project in mind to work on and produce: small books about Trillium choreographers and their works.

So, goodnight, Sweet Lewisburg!

With Love,

Eileen Kramer


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