GEHS golf team plays in Covington


The Greenbrier East Golf team played in a 9-hole match on the front 9 par 36 at Cliffview Golf Course in Covington, VA, on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

GEHS scores were as follows: Sam Jewell 39 (Medalist), Gavin Ray 40, Colin Wiley 41, Norris Beard 42, Berkley Adwell 44, Jensen Brown 44, Dwain Sheppard 48, Kyle Ballard 51, Ryan Nuckoles 53, Carter Elliott 55, Brett Napier 55, David Hofmann 56, and Josh White 58. Savanna Soucier and Suzanne Bicksler played a Captain’s Choice Best Ball and had 42 for 8 holes. They were not able to finish the last hole due to the time restraint.

Covington’s scores were as follows: Allison Douglas 43, Hunter Fridley 45, Seth Fertig 48, Justin Brown 48, Dillon Givens 55, Dakota Smith 56, and Benny Elmore 57

The GEHS team played an inter-team match on Thursday at the Lewisburg Elk’s front 9 par 34, due to two teams that were to have played having to cancel at the last minute.

GEHS scores were: Gavin Ray 34 (Medalist), Colin Wiley 37, Philip Zambos 41, Sam Jewell 41, Norris Beard 42, Josh White 42,  Dwain Sheppard 43, Berkley Adwell 44, Kyle Ballard 47, Brett Napier 47, Jensen Brown 50, David Hofman 53, and Carter Elliott 57. Kara Vaughan and Suzanne Bicksler played a Captain’s Choice best ball and had a 35 through six holes.