GEHS Golf Gold Team plays at The Greenbrier

The GEHS Golf Gold Team played a match on Tuesday, Aug. 28 at The Greenbrier for 18 holes on the par 72 Greenbrier Course against Shady Spring and Richwood. The teams consisted of five players counting the low four total.

Due to severe weather, play was suspended when players had played fewer than 18 holes. The scores were used for 9 holes for each player (par 36). Shady Spring finished first with a four man total of 155: Ryan Albaugh 38, Dakota McComas 38, Drew Green 39, Landon Perry 40 and Akshay Kesari 43. The GEHS Golf Gold Team finished second with 158: Walker Dent 37 (Medalist), Madison Erskine 39, Owen Wood 40, Griffin King 42 and Tyler Totten 43. GEHS girls: Lindsey Ray 47 and Karee Diem 52. Richwood finished third with 169: Mason Mullens 38, Braden Johnson 38, Tyler Davis 46, Charles Baughman 47 and Nathan Bayless 47.

The GEHS Golf Gold Team traveled to Glade Springs at the Cobb Course (par 36) to play a nine hole match against three other schools on Sept. 3. The total of the low four scores out of five scores count per team. Shady Spring finished first with 160: Landon Perry 37, Drew Green 38, Ryan Albaugh 39, Brandon Keaton 46 and Dakota McComas 48. Princeton was second with 164: Tyler Hillyer 36 (medalist), Steven Parker 38, Jared Porter 39 and Andrew Wilson 51. (Princeton had only four players at the match.) GEHS finished third with 167: Walker Dent 39, Madison Erskine 41, Owen Wood 41, Griffin King 46 and Tyler Totten 50. Woodrow Wilson finished fourth with 187: Hunter Halstead 38, Kase Poling 47, Thomas Kozar 49, Oliver Bradley 53 and Kenny Maiolo 59.

On Sept. 4, both the GEHS Golf Gold and Green Teams played Bluefield for a nine hole match at the Lewisburg Elk’s Club front nine par 34. The Gold Team finished first with a four man total of 142: Walker Dent 32 (medalist), Madison Erskine 34, Griffin King 37, Owen Wood 39, Tyler Totten 45 and Lindsey Ray 45. The Green Team finished second with 169: Thomas Willis 38, Cameron Sherwood 41, Logan Scott 45, Luke Hanna 45, Jacob White 51 and Karee Diem 56. Bluefield finished third with 186: Joel Carlos 39, Cody Goins 42, Patrick Hutchinson 52, Devon Goins 53, Dominick Buzzo 53, Michael Edwards 56, Mark Clapp 56 and Caleb Pennington 62.

The Gold Team travels to Pipestem on Tuesday, Sept. 10 to play Princeton and other schools in a nine hole match. The Gold Team and Green Team also travel to Covington on Thursday, Sept. 12 to play Covington in a nine hole match.



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