Gay Straight Alliance Club activist organization

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to the letters regarding the controversial Gay Straight Alliance Club. I’ve done some research on this national organization, and I discovered that this “so-called” club is not as innocuous as it sounds. The Gay Straight Alliance Club is an activist organization. Its main goal is to spread the radical LGBT agenda in public schools across the USA. In other words, Gay Straight Alliance Clubs indoctrinate students with their propaganda. Of course, parents are led to believe that this club is primarily about the “anti-bullying” of gay, lesbian, or transgender teens!

Here are some important facts and information on this subject: According to counselor and author John Harvey, O.S.F.S., “Encouraging adolescent persons to pursue the gay lifestyle is really the seduction of ‘the innocent’.” He continues, “One must avoid labeling a child or teenager, because so often teenagers claim to be ‘gay’ when they are not really so. Many teenagers who think they are ‘gay’ realize in early adulthood that they are heterosexual.”

Writing in Sexual Preference, Bell, Weinberg and Hammersmith argue convincingly that, “the experience of homosexual arousal during childhood and adolescence and involvement in genital-type homosexual activities were very strong indicators of future, adult homosexuality.” Also, from years of research and from his clinical practice, British psychoanalyst, Ismond Rosen, sees homosexual orientation as learned behavior.

Co-authors John Ankerberg and John Weldon warn, “Public schools are prime targets for teaching the ‘normalcy’ of gay and lesbian lifestyles.” This, of course, is the main objective of the activist organization called Gay Straight Alliance Club.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently revealed that men who have sex with other men – (MSM) – represent about 4 percent of the male population in America, but male-to-male sex accounts for almost 80 percent of new HIV infections among men. This is shocking! Tragically, the Obama Administration and the liberal media czars try to hide this information from the public. The sad truth is that “the US has the highest rate of new HIV infections in the entire world.” This is according to Dr.Kevin Fenton’s report. He has laid the blame for the (MSM)-HIV epidemic squarley on the twomost obvious characteristics of homosexual sex: “anal intercourse (aka sodomy) and promiscuity.” It’s ascientific fact that “anal sex is 18 times better at transmitting HIV than vaginal sex.” I wonder if students are warned about the dangers of anal sex in the Gay Straight Alliance Club? I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately, truth is the first casualty in the “Culture War.”

Today’s progressives generally don’t want to be bothered with facts, logic or truth – especially when it comes to “below-the-belt” issues. Author Robert R. Reilly points out that, “The further institutionalization of homosexuality will mean the triumph of force over reason, thus undermining the very foundations of the American Republic.” Sadly, he’s correct.

We would do well to remember that there has never been a surviving civilization that has promoted or affirmed “same-sex behavior.” Hopefully, parents and educators will rethink the decision to host a Gay Straight Alliance Club in our local high school. Now is the time for action. Greenbrier County citizens cannot afford to be silent on this issue. Remember, the hard working tax payers should have the final say when it comes to their children’s and grandchildren’s education.


JoAnn L. Fuir


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