Future vision for historical site

The former Bolling High School has been sitting on the hill beside Dorie Miller Park since 1941. What once was a revolutionary place where people of all backgrounds could be educated is now a dilapidated building that is frequently broken into and vandalized. However, there is a vision to change all of that and make history once again. The former Bolling Center is now owned by Amplify Inc., a nonprofit organization that seeks to amplify the gifts and talents of every individual. The building is the future home of The Spot Teen Center and Amplify School of Fine Arts. The Spot Teen Center vision is to partner with parents to cultivate the teenagers of Greenbrier County to become highly successful, creative and generous citizens. The teen center will focus every program around four pillars: Life Skills, Educational Support, Community and Creativity. The teen center coupled with the Amplify School of Fine Arts where students will be able to have individual courses in dance, music and vocal lessons sets our area teenagers up for the competitive world that we now live in.

Amplify Inc is currently faced with a dilemma. The teen center is seeing continual vandalism and destruction to the slow progress that we are making. “We work diligently to get a project complete only to come in and see it spray painted or fire extinguisher sprayed all over the gymnasium floor. We get knocked back further than we can advance when this happens.” The Spot Teen Center will be a place for the entire family and they are asking for the community’s help to bring this vision to fruition and restore an amazing historical part of our amazing community.

Amplify Inc is a 501(c)3 organization and has the ability to give taxable credits to anyone who donates financially, materials needed or physical work such as carpentry, landscaping, painting, or any other type of skill that you have.

This is truly going to be a launching pad for the younger generation of Greenbrier County. A place where we can launch world changers, history makers and leaders who are equipped to create change around them. If you are interested in becoming a part of this larger than life vision for our area please feel free to contact us at 708-712-3204 or email us at Thespotteencenterwv@gmail.com.



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