Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River receives Stream Partners Grant

Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River (FOLGR) announced this week that they had received a Stream Partners Grant in the amount of $5,000 from the West Virginia Conservation Agency (WVCA). Honored to win the grant, FOLGR is excited to put the funding to use in maintaining and protecting the lower greenbrier river.

The funding from this grant will be used for various projects, which include printing of a biannual newsletter, maintaining cost for their office, and our Water Monitoring Program. The water monitoring program which FOLGR conducts covers much of the lower greenbrier and performing various tests to determine the water’s health. As FOLGR is committed to protecting the Greenbrier River watershed, our water monitoring program is continuing to grow, and with recent news of river contamination and the proposed pipeline, FOLGR is committed to obtaining baseline data to help ensure that the Greenbrier River watershed stays healthy and welcoming to all.

Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River began in 1990 when an ad hoc group of citizens organized to protect the local drinking water from the looming threat of a CAA pressured-treated wood plant within the flood plain of the Greenbrier River at Alderson. Their efforts resulted in the enforcement of state environmental laws requiring the property owners to comply with permitting regulations. Since this stand in 1990, FOLGR has been growing in membership and maintaining efforts to protect the lower Greenbrier River which is essential for local drinking water and recreation.

To contact FOLGR: Email, call 304-445-2005 or visit Greenbrier River Interpretive Center (Old Gulf Station), 549 W Virginia 12, Alderson. Open most weekdays 10 a.m.-4 p.m.


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