Flower baskets in Alderson sponsored

The annual Alderson dragon wing begonia flower baskets have been hung.

Each year, Alderson Main Street coordinates the presence and care of the beautiful dragon wing begonia flower baskets which hang on the lamp posts in Alderson. Judy Lewallen orders them in January from Blue Ridge Farms; they were hung this year with help from Zack Burns and Hoss Riggs; and they are watered throughout the summer by Ross Copenhaver.

The 2020 flower baskets were sponsored by Sarah Hensler in memory of Jean Gwinn; Alice Riffle in memory of Tammy Smith Skaggs; an anonymous donor in memory of Layla; Christ our Savior Lutheran Church; Roy and Linda Loudermilk; Jeremy Bennett in memory of his grandmother, Mary Martha Bennett; Tom and Linda Dameron; Susan and Roger Bowyer; Doris Griffith; Marcy McNeel Baker in memory of Bill McNeel, Class of ’36; Donna Simms  for Sassy Sissors; Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church in memory of Doreen Eskins; Richard and Marjorie Witcher in memory of Waukee Sweetwood; and Vivian Shepherd, Sally Mueller, and Ernest Bryant in memory of Mary E. Harnest, their mother.

Those contributing to extra expenses associated with the flower baskets include Rich and Judy Lohmeyer and Margaret and David Hambrick.

AMS President Judy Lohmeyer said, “The red begonias and the flags on the lamp posts make a beautiful statement about our town.  Thanks to everyone who helps support this project!”

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