Flood-damaged church demolished Tuesday


Lewisburg City Recorder Shannon Beatty was stunned to see her childhood church demolished on Tuesday.

Caldwell Pentecostal Holiness Church, located on Howards Creek in Caldwell, bore extensive damage in the June flooding and could not be salvaged. Church services have moved nearby to the former Presbyterian church, and now the brick church has been demolished.

Beatty took several pictures of the flood-damaged church last June – the waterline is evident above the doorway in one photograph – and the tear-down, posting them on Facebook. With the photos, she added the caption: “Stunned and saddened to hear the Church in Caldwell had to be demolished. Another heartbreaking loss for my cherished childhood neighborhood … My heart goes out to all the families including my father who still lives in Caldwell.”


Beatty’s father’s home, also located on Howards Creek, was severely damaged in the flooding, but he was able to remain in his house.

Many other families, and the Pentecostal Holiness Churchgoers in Caldwell, were not so lucky.

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