Federal grants benefit Anthony and Rupert

On Nov. 29, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin announced grant awards to fund 54 community and infrastructure projects across the state. The Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Grant programs will provide more than $7 million for a variety of improvements.
Two local programs benefitted from the funding: Anthony Boat Launch received $28,000 in Federal Recreational Trails Grants from the United States Forest Service. Also, the town of Rupert received $99,084 in federal Transportation Alternatives Grant funding for sidewalk improvements.
“Improvements like those supported by the Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails programs are investments that build a better and brighter future of West Virginia,” said Tomblin. “(This) grant funding will allow us to build and repair infrastructure across the state-making our communities better places to live and work.”
Funding is provided by the Federal Highway Administration. The West Virginia Division of Highways administers the programs.

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