A father’s view

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter concerning the coming election for Assessor of Greenbrier County. My son Michael Burke is currently the acting Assessor. He was recommended to this position by the former Assessor Steve Keadle, who retired last summer. The County Commission approved this appointment. Michael has 25 years experience working in the Assessor’s office. I know my son and I also know the man he has become. He never gave me or his mom any trouble. He bought his first car and deer rifle. I was there when he gave his life to the Lord Jesus. When his mother passed away in November 2003, Michael went through a hard time, but he still checked on his daddy every day and made sure I was OK. He is as steady as they come.

He has worked hard to get to where he is in life. He has earned what he has. Since becoming the acting Assessor, he has continued to work the field as well as in the office. He has saved the Assessor’s office money by doing this.

I am asking the voters of Greenbrier County to look upon Michael as their son, because he is. He was born at the Ronceverte hospital July 22, 1969, and has lived at Leslie since. It has been said that a line exists between east and west beginning at Alta. I would like to believe that that isn’t so. This election could prove that, one way or the other.

The facts speak for themselves. Michael is the most qualified of the two candidates. He has proved that. Greenbrier County, he is your son as well as mine. There is an old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Assessor’s office is operating just as smooth as ever, let’s leave it that way. Michael, no matter the outcome of the election, I know you will continue to be the man you have become and I love you.

Love, Dad

Charlie “Doonie” Burke



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