Fall Leadership Conference


By FFA Freshman Kiah Hill

Front: Jeff Lee and Annaliese Henderson, FFA Advisor; Kaitlyn Grimmett (left), Lauren Patterson, Isabelle Fisher, Haley ford, TiersaHelvey, Emily Sims, Kiah Hill, David Weikle Jr., Kristen Ramos, Cordel Blankenship, Jeremy Whitlock, Derrick Lowe, Trey Lofton, IkeshaMcMillion, Hattie Callison, Brittany Lowe, Katie Franklin and Kileigh Booth

Fall Leadership Conference was Sept. 23 and 24, 2016. Eighteen members and two advisors traveled to Cedar Lakes in Ripley for the conference. The theme for fall leadership was “Conquered.”

What they were meaning is, how do we conquer life? During fall leadership, we played games and went to different sessions led by state FFA officers, which taught us how to focus on different parts of our life, conquering different the challenges life presents. We also listened to a guest speaker talk about conquering struggles in his life. One of the activities I enjoyed was the sticky wall challenge. Members were asked to write one of their life challenges on a sticky note, or one thing that we struggle with and then place it on a drawing of a mountain.  It was a really good experience because challenges touch all our lives and recognizing them is half the battle.

During the conference we were also able to meet FFA members from throughout West Virginia and make connections which will last a lifetime.  One state officer shared that she felt right at home when she went to WVU because of the friendships she had made during her FFA career, friends she is now attending WVU with.

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