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Sarah Mansheim, managing editor at the Mountain Messenger, when she visited and shared her story as a journalist with the kids of camp.

United Way of Greenbrier Valley, the High Rocks Hub, the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, and other community organizations partnered together to create a successful reading camp for Greenbrier County Students during the week of June 26-30.

The reading camp led by a team of six teachers/support staff, four AmeriCorps volunteers, and four teenage counselors hosted 15 young campers for a week of reading centers in the morning and then afternoons discovering the world of journalism.

Each morning 7-10 year old campers worked with teachers in small groups on various reading and writing skills. Each camper spent time learning how to pick “good fit” books and chose five books to take home at the end of camp. Campers played games and did reading and writing exercises to strength those skills as well. Read Aloud featured the Ella Mentry School books by Dan Gutman and the campers each received that series of books as well.

Monday afternoon featured visit from the editor of the Mountain Messenger, Sarah Mansheim, who explained how it is important in journalism to report the truth and the meaning of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The students adventured through downtown Lewisburg on Tuesday and Wednesday to discover more about local journalism. Josh and Mary Baldwin at Havenbrook Media described how magazines are designed and published, plus ways they can generate revenue. Judy Steele at the West Virginia Daily News opened the doors to the group so they could tour a printing press in action and meet the crew that prints the paper every day for people in Greenbrier County. On Thursday campers wrote and delivered thank-you notes to all of the guest speakers and churches that provided lunches for the group.

To celebrate a successful week of reading and fun learning experiences the kids were able to enjoy the nice weather swimming at the Harts Run pool.  Wild and Wonderful Read Camps is hosting similar reading camps in Pocahontas and Monroe County on July 10-14. For more information on the reading camps contactUnited Way of Greenbrier Valley.

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