Election Results 2014


The West Virginia Secretary of State and Greenbrier County Clerk offices have released the unofficial results of the November 4 election. The Greenbrier Valley voted strongly in favor of Republican candidates; the only Democrats to win seats were incumbents Ron Miller and Robin Loudermilk.

Greenbrier County election results are as follows:


U.S. Senate

Shelley Moore Capito (R), 5,484 votes, 57.77 percent

Natalie Tenant (D), 3,635 votes, 38.29 percent

John S. Buckley (Libertarian), 168 votes, 1.77 percent

Bob Henry Baber (Mtn.), 154 votes, 1.62 percent

Phil Hudok (Constitution), 52 votes, 0.55 percent

U.S. House of Representatives-District 3

Evan Jenkins (R), 4,949 votes, 53.99 percent

Nick J. Rahall II (D), 4,218 votes, 46.01 percent


State Senate-District 10

Ronald F. “Ron” Miller (D), 5,330 votes, 56.62 percent

Duane Zobrist (R), 4,084 votes, 43.38 percent


House of Delegates-District 41

Ray Canterbury (R), 5,317 votes, 31.88 percent

George “Boogie” Ambler (R), 4,785 votes, 28.69 percent

Courtney M. Jesser (D), 3,311 votes, 19.85 percent

Coy A. Flowers (D), 3,267 votes, 19.59 percent


Greenbrier County Commission

Lowell C. Rose (R), 4,925 votes (percentage not available)

Christian M. Giggenbach (D), 3,775 votes (percentage not available)

Karen Lobban (D), write in, 522 votes (percentage not available)


Greenbrier County Clerk

Robin Yates Loudermilk (D), 5,278 votes (percentage not available)

James W. “Jim” Childers (R), 4,087 votes (percentage not available)


Ballot on Constitutional Amendment-Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Support Amendment

For: 4,584 (Greenbrier County) (percentage not available); 252,787 (statewide) 61.90 percent

Against: 4,157 (Greenbrier County) (percentage not available); 155,620 (statewide) 38.10 percent




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