East softball wins opener



(Photo by Mark Robinson)
Greenbrier East’s Emilee Vance pitches the ball to first base for the first out of East’s first game of the season, against Riverside. The Riverside runner is Green. East won the game Monday, 8-4.

The Greenbrier East softball team won its home opener Monday, defeating Riverside, 8-4. East spotted the Warriors a 2-0 lead in the second inning, then came roaring back to take an 8-2 lead, before surrendering the last two runs of the game.

Riverside batted first, three up and three down, first Stormee Green, then Sarah Harless, then Kendal Marshall, with a popup to third base.

In the bottom of the first inning, East’s Haylee Shires flied out to center, Olivia Ambler flied out to left, Shayla Fry walked, and McKenzie Little flied out to second.

In the top of the second inning, Riverside’s Gracie Donata hit to left field, making it to first base. Taylor Hicks came in as a pinch runner for Donata. Hicks stole second base on a fake bunt by Hannah McDermitt. McDermitt then walked. Runners on first and second, no outs. Hannah Pullen spent a long time in the batter’s box, battling to stay alive, but eventually struck out. Lauren Pauley then bunted. The throw from the third baseman to first base did not make the connection, and two runs scored for Riverside. Pauley was at third, but was thrown out by East’s catcher when she wandered too far off base. Kennedy Buckley then hit straight to the shortstop. The Warriors were through for this inning, ahead by a score of 2-0.

In the bottom of the second, Emilee Vance hit to second, and was thrown out at first. Hallee Richmond also hit and was thrown out at first. Then Callie Honaker struck out, to retire the side. The score was still 2-0.

In the top of the third, Haley Carroll bunted, and was thrown out at first. Green hit a grounder to second base, and was thrown out at first. Harless struck out.

In the bottom of the third inning, Abby Mullens was the lead batter. She hit a grounder to the shortstop and beat the throw. Gabby Mills then hit to left field, bringing in the runner, and ended up on second base. Score 2-1. Then Shires hit to the outfield between center and left, bringing in a runner, leaving Haley on first. Score 2-2. Then Riverside pulled a double  play, tagging Shires at second, then throwing out Ambler at first. Fry hit a home run over the right field fence. Score 3-2, East. Little then hit directly to first base to end the inning.

In the top of the fourth, Riverside’s Kendal Marshall hit to left field, making it to first base. Donata popped up, and East catcher Fry, the catcher, caught it for the out. One away, runner on first. McDermitt hit to second, who threw out Marshall at third. Pullen hit to East’s shortstop, Honaker, who threw out the runner at first. But after a consultation, the umpires determined that the first baseman’s foot was not touching the bag, so the Riverside players came back on the field, with Pullen on first base. Pauley promptly flied out to third base.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Vance hit to the shortstop, who threw her out at first. Richmond got hit by a pitch, and took her base. Honaker then struck out, but not before a wild pitch sent Richmond to second. Two outs, runner on second. Mullins got a base hit, bringing home Richmond, score 4-2. Mills gets a base hit. Two runners on base. Shires hits to centerfield on the ground, bringing in Mullins. The score is 5-2. Then with  batting, Shires is called out because she left first base early, when Ambler had made contact with the ball.

In the top of the fifth, with the score 5-2, Pauley flied out, and Buckley got on base by a walk. Haley Carroll flied out to center. Then with Green at bat, Buckley was picked off trying to steal second.

In the bottom of the fifth, Ambler hit a stand up triple to left field. With Fry at bat, a passed ball resulted in Ambler scoring from third. Score 6-2. Fry hit to the shortstop, and beat out the throw. Ava Ambler came in as a pinch runner. Little hit the ball down the right field line, advancing Ava Ambler to third, with Little on second. Vance then sacrificed herself at first, scoring Ava Ambler, to make the score 7-2. Richmond got on base. Honaker flied out to the shortstop. The Riverside catcher threw to first to pick off Richmond, but the throw went high past the first baseman, Richmond went to second, but the fielder picked up the ball and threw her out before she arrived. Score 8-2, at the end of the fifth.

In the top of the sixth, Green struck out. Next up, Madison Ramirez flied out to third. Marshall hit to left field, and was safe on first base. Then Donato hit a home run over the left field fence, making the score 8-4. McDermitt hit to the shortstop, and was thrown out at first.

In the bottom of the sixth, Mills lead off. Shires hit straight to the pitcher, and was thrown out at first. The runner, Mills, advanced to second. Next up Olivia Ambler. With runners on second and third, she popped up behind the shortstop, who backed up to make the catch. Two down. Then Fry hit to third, and was thrown out at first, retiring the side.

In the top of the seventh inning, Riverside’s Pullen hit a long ball to the left fence. Pauley hit a foul ball, a pop up that was caught. Next Buckley popped up to Hardiman, two away. Haley Carroll was then thrown out at first. That was the end of the ball game, 8-4.