East softball defeats Fayetteville


East’s Taylor Hardiman sends the softball to first base to complete a double play during a game against Fayetteville Monday evening. East won the game, 11-2.

Greenbrier East’s Lady Spartans softball team won their game against Fayetteville Monday evening, 11-2. Callie Honaker pitched for East, who scattered their 11 runs over a number of innings. Fayetteville is a single-A school.

For Fayetteville in the first inning, Ashley Fridley grounded to second, and was thrown out at first. Carrie Taylor beat out a grounder to first base, then Faith Norris was thrown out by the third baseman. Then Taylor got caught off base by a throw from East’s catcher, Shayla Fry.

For East in the first inning, Haylee Shires got to first base because of an error by the center fielder, who could not handle the fly ball. Olivia Ambler walked, as did Fry, loading the bases. McKenzie Little hit a double to center field, scoring three runs. L. Reed got to first because of an error by the third baseman, and advanced to second when Honaker walked. Abby Mullins struck out, Taylor Hardiman flied out to center, and Gabby Mills struck out, to retire the side. All nine players batted in the first inning.

For Fayetteville in the second, Samantha Holbrook flied out to center, and Ariel Whaples made it to first on a grounder to second. Cassidy Roles made it first on a line drive to the pitcher, and Courtney Hamilton struck out. Then Whaples was thrown out on a throw from the center fielder.

In the bottom the second inning, Shires was thrown out by the shortstop, as was Ambler. Fry hit a homer over the center field fence, her sixth of the year, to make the score 4-0. Little flied out to center for the third out.

In the top of the third, Fayetteville’s Sarah Beebee was thrown out at first by the pitcher. Malerie Hendrick was thrown out by the third baseman, and Fridley flied out to right.

East, in the bottom of the third, Honaker made it to first base on a hit to third base.  Mullins did the same thing, advancing Honaker to second. Hardiman bunted successfully, loading the bases. Mills then hit a grounder to the pitcher, making it to first and scoring two runs, Honaker and Mulllins. Shires was then thrown out by the pitcher, and Emilee Vance was thrown out by the second baseman. Score 7-0.

In the top of the fourth, Fayetteville’s Taylor was thrown out by the pitcher, Norris struck out, and Holbrook was thrown out by the shortstop.

East, in the bottom of the fourth, saw Fry homer to left, her seventh of the year. Little was thrown out at first, Reed made it to first on a hit to second, Honaker flied out to left, and Mullins was thrown out by the third baseman. 8-0.

Whaples led off the fifth inning with an infield single, getting on base because of an error at third. Roles was thrown out by the third baseman, advancing Whaples to second. One out.  Hamilton made it to first on an infield grounder. Beebee got on base with a grounder to second. Malerie Hendrick hit a line drive to first base for an out. Fridley hit a grounder into right-center for a  double, scoring Hamilton and Beebee. Then Taylor walked. Norris flied out to the shortstop to end the rally.  Score, 8-2.

In East’s fifth inning, Hardiman flied to left, then Halley Richmond was hit by a pitch an went to first base. Shires hit past the shortstop for a single. Two on, one out. Ambler walked. Fry came to bat, and hit a triple to left-center. Three runs scored, and because East was ahead 11-2, the game was called over because of the size of the lead.

Coach Matt Lemons said after the game, “We hit the ball well. Good pitching from . Fayetteville has always been a good hitting team.” After the game, East’s record stood at 5-1.

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