Earth Day Scavenger Hunt success


To celebrate Apr. 22, Earth Day 2017, local little scientists participated in the Everybody’s A Scientist Scavenger Hunt.

The rain or shine event was moved into the Lewisburg United Methodist Church because of the rain, but weather conditions didn’t stop the teams from their interesting journey into science.

Some of the major highlights of the Scavenger hunt included the following:

  • Whodunit Mock Crime Scene – The case of the missing Po’Boy Shrimp sandwich was solved by the children after they tested soil samples and asked the suspects questions. How did the teams do solving the “whodunit”? Really well, and they took pictures with their suspect to prove it. What was the suspect’s big mistake? Other than tracking distinctive dirt into the scene, he held onto a piece of the unusual red and white sandwich wrapper, which proved to the budding scientists he had means, motive and opportunity.
  • Uncle Sam’s Patriot Table – Children wrote postcards to the President and/or Governor to tell them why science was important to that child.
  • Geology – Students learned about Greenbrier Agate and searched for samples outside under the covered driveway. The event also included an array of Science Activity Tables, where professionals and volunteers shared their passion for science and how it integrates into everyday activities and jobs.

Some of the science activity tables included the following:

  • Aquaponics Water quality display
  • WSS National Fish Hatchery helped students compare the characteristics of well water and spring water, so they could understand what qualities fish need to survive.
  • Old Stone Cemetery table where children counted the steps between mock cemetery gates, witnessed a video of a dig, and saw tombstone artifacts from a current dig.
  • Anatomy – Student doctor and doctor from West Virginia School of Medicine educated children on their anatomy.
  • Experiments – There were a variety of tables where children were able to perform experiments first hand with the help of volunteers from watching a slinky fall in slow motion to expanding a balloon with a chemical reaction.

What’s an event without a Photo booth? Children and their families were able to participate in a Mad Scientist photo booth and with lab coats, goggles, fake mustaches and much more against a scientific chalkboard backdrop. Based on feedback from our explorers, it looks like this will be an annual event sponsored by Greater Greenbrier Indivisible and Women’s March – Lewisburg. These progressive groups work together to affect positive change and build relationships in the community.