Dr. Robert Conte receives award

Randall Reid Smith, commissioner, Division of Arts, Culture and History; Dr. Robert Conte, winner of the award for “Exemplary Service to Historic Preservation”; Betty “Snookie” Nutting in whose honor the award is given; and Susan Pierce, director of the State Historic Preservation Office. (Photo by Steve Brightwell, taken inside Independence Hall)

Dr. Robert Conte, a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier Historical Society, received the award for “Exemplary Service to Historic Preservation” on Oct. 13 at Independence Hall in Wheeling.

Awarded by the State Historic Preservation Office of the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History as part of its 2019 “Our Legacy, Our Future” ceremony, it is called the “Snookie” Nutting Award to honor Ms. Nutting for her long support and advocacy for historic preservation in Wheeling and throughout West Virginia.

Dr. Conte was certainly deserving of this recognition having immersed himself in historic preservation throughout the state. He started work as Historian at The Greenbrier in 1978. He is serving his third term on Humanities Council Board; has served on the Preservation Alliance of WV Board for 10 years including four as President; and has served on WV Archives and History Commission since 2000 including eight years as Chairman. At The Greenbrier Resort, he organizes the resort’s archives, gives tours and lectures, and curates the President’s Cottage Museum.

Margaret Hambrick, president of the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier Historical Society, said, “I am sure all of our members join me in congratulating Dr. Conte for this prestigious award. He is a valued member of our Society and our Board and we rely on him for his broad base of historical knowledge.”