Donald Trump/email server/ etc.

Dear Editor:

“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt Secretary of State in our history.” “It’s pay to play at the State Department.” “Hillary Clinton has engaged in criminal and illegal activities.” “She’s a crook and belongs in jail.”

Is that so? Apparently Donald Trump has appointed himself Hillary’s personal “judge, jury and executioner.” The last time I looked we are “innocent until proven guilty.” Apparently, Trump has never read the Constitution.

John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” So, let’s look at some FACTS:

1. Both Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had servers in their homes. Did they contain classified information? Who knows? The FBI never looked.

2. Hillary made a dumb mistake putting a server in the basement of her home. She admits it, has apologized … end of story. Doing something “Dumb” does not make her a crook.

3. She destroyed 30,000 personal emails. I would … wouldn’t you? So what’s the big deal?

4. Apparently the FBI found less than 200 emails marked classified. Yet it’s still to be determine if they were classified “secret” when they first appeared on her server. Besides, we’re talking about a lousy 3/10 tenths of 1% out of 60,000 emails. So what’s the big deal?

5. There is no evidence to prove that her server was ever hacked so there has been absolutely no damage to national security or to the brave men and women who wear our nation’s uniform.

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on The Donald:

1. He has filed over 3,500 lawsuits in his business career. Over a 30 year span of time that works out to an average of over 2 per day … 7 days a week / 52 weeks a years. That says something about his character but it would take a Sigmund Freud to figure it out. Pretty strange that’s for sure. Doesn’t sound like old Donald is very secure in his own skin or underneath his bright orange comb over.

2. Depending on how you count Trump has filed for bankruptcy at least 4 times – most if not all involving his casinos. He defends himself by claiming he did not file personal bankruptcy and that he was simply taking advantage of the law like any other individual or business would do. He also argues that the casinos themselves filed not the Donald himself. That technically maybe true but since the Trump Organization is owned entirely by the Trump family any benefit would accrue to Donald and his kids. It’s also important to remember that while his casinos were failing – one after another – other casino operators were raking in the chips.

3. In 1975 Trump and his father entered into a civil settlement with the Federal government in response to a claim by the Housing Authority that they were guilty of discriminating against blacks and Hispanics by refusing to rent to minorities. They immediately violated the agreement which led to a new settlement in 1978. Trump is absolutely correct that he and his father made no admission of guilt but that’s just a technically. The evidence is clear that they did refuse to rent to blacks and Hispanics – and there are many who are still alive today to attest to that fact.

4. Trump University … now that’s a great example of how The Donald plays fast and loose. Approximately 4,500 students have filed a class action suit against Trump alleging it was a “criminal” enterprise with the sole purpose to squeeze as much money as possible from unsuspecting students – many who put their life savings on the line. The current Hispanic judge who Trump railed against last summer pushed the start of the trial to after Nov. 8th. Boy, wouldn’t Hillary Clinton have jumped for joy if Comey had followed his example.

5. There is only one reason why Trump has refused to release his tax returns and you can be sure he is not hiding “good” news. It’s very likely that a competent CPA would discover that the Trump organization is built on a tower of debt. That would be nothing new – in the ‘80s he was up to his eyeballs in debt and the only reason he did not have to file personal bankruptcy was because he was too big to fail – the banks figured they would get more of their money back if he was allowed to move forward with future development projects than in court.

6. Last but not least – by any means. It is a FACT that Trump is a sexual predator. He claims he will file a defamation suit against the 11 or 12 woman who have come forward in recent weeks to tell their story. Trump has called Anthony Weiner a creep which is a classic example of the “kettle calling the pot black.” This time The Donald is between a rock and a hard place. If he sues, he will be deposed by some the country’s leaning attorneys – if he doesn’t, it’s an admission of guilt. Case closed.

Hillary Clinton is hardly Mother Therese but she and Bill have released over 30 years of their personal tax returns without a hint of scandal. “Pay to play” is much to do about nothing. It’s a way of life in Washington, DC. There is no proof that Bill Clinton has done anything illegal since leaving office. His net worth is now over $100 million – chump change compared to the private sector. The woman who headed up the retail division of Wells Fargo resigned last fall with a golden parachute of over $140 million. And right here in West Virginia Joe Manchin’s daughter has enriched herself with a salary of over $18 million last year while children around the country who need a life giving injection have to go without because the cost of the Epipen has skyrocketed to over $600 despite the fact that there has been virtually no increase in the cost of production.

Are the Clinton’s squeaky clean? Not by a long shot. Who is for that matter? Are they sleazeballs like Donald Trump. Not even close! If Trump is elected, he won’t Make America Great Again … he will make the United States the Laughing Stock of the world.

Terry Wodder



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