Detox center patient trespasses on airport property, invades home

By Sarah Mansheim

A man who was a patient at the Crosswinds Center drug detox clinic in Maxwelton left the facility, crossed airport property, and broke into a home on Benedict Lane last week.

Lindsey Scott Ormsbee, 31, of Alderson was arrested on Friday, Apr. 29, after breaking into a residence and refusing to leave.

According to a criminal complaint, Ormsbee was arrested and charged with felony act of burglary in the nighttime and breaking and entering, and the misdemeanor of unlawful entry to or destruction of property. He was arraigned Friday morning and released on $1,000 bond.

The complaint states that the homeowner, Aaron Coleman, stated he woke to find Ormsbee in his home, with Ormsbee yelling for help.

Coleman told the Mountain Messenger that he arose from the bed, where he sleeps in the nude, grabbed a tomahawk from his bedside table and ran to the kitchen to find Ormsbee standing, agitated and covered in blood. Ormsebee told Coleman that he was on the run from “cartels” and that “Mexicans had burned down the town of Alderson.”

Concerned with his family’s safety, Coleman tussled with, and then escorted Ormsbee, a registered Mixed Martial Arts fighter, onto the back porch, and Ormsbee then insisted that he be let back into the house so that he could call the police on himself.

Ormsbee then broke out a pane of the home’s glass door so that he could reach the handle from the inside, the complaint says. Once back in the house, Coleman informed Ormsbee the police were on the way. Coleman told the Mountain Messenger that Ormsbee used the house telephone to call the police on himself while Coleman’s wife, Emily, was on her cell phone with 911 dispatchers. The Colemans’ two children were in the home at the time.

Upon hearing that police were on their way, Ormsbee grabbed a banana from a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter and began eating it.

The complaint states that Ormsbee had suffered injuries when he crawled under the airport fence at one end of Greenbrier Valley Airport and then climbed over another airport fence located next to Benedict Lane.

Greenbrier Valley Airport Manager Stephen Snyder confirmed to the Mountain Messenger that Ormsbee had accessed the airport property after leaving the Crosswinds Center, located on Industrial Park Road adjacent to the airport, and crossed the airport property, including the runway, on foot.

“This has been a large concern since the beginning,” Snyder said of the airport’s decision to lease property to the Crosswinds Center, which is owned by Seneca Health Services, which also leases airport-owned property on Industrial Park Road.

“This is an active investigation, and charges are pending,” said Snyder, who declined to identify whom the airport, and its ruling board, the Greenbrier County Airport Authority, will seek charges against: Ormsbee and/or Seneca Health Services or Crosswinds Center.

Friday’s incident is the type of security hazard that “keeps me up at night,” said Snyder. “It’s a large security issue.”

Snyder said the Greenbrier County Airport Authority is likely to hold a special or emergency meeting in the coming days to discuss the security breach.

“I take the safety and security of this airport very seriously,” said Snyder, who added that an adult human on the runway is large enough to destroy an aircraft’s landing gear should a plane strike the person during landing.

That, he said, could be catastrophic.

As of press time, the Crosswinds Center Director Kelly Morgan, or Seneca Health Services CEO Marcy Vaughan could not be reached for comment.