Mark R. Kellam and Vickie J. Kellam to Henry Utberg and Linda Utberg, 1 Lot, Meadow Bluff District

Pauline Bowling Welch to Howard A. Reed and Vicki T. Reed, 1 Lot, Quinwood Corporation

Brian A. Barfield to Martina Cole Nutter, 2.632 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Blackbird Village, LLC to Scott A. Bryning and Lisa J. Bryning, 1 Parcel, Lewisburg Corporation

Ralph Edward Whitt and Rebecca Lou Whitt to Ralph Edward Whitt and Rebecca Lou Whitt, 42.56 Acres, Frankford District

Martina Cole Nutter to Brain A. Barfield, 3 Lots, Blue Sulphur District

First National Bank to Tom Murtaugh and Marie Murtaugh, 2 Properties, Fort Spring District

Gilbert L. Lambert and Carmen C. Lambert to Jay Buford and Jennifer L. Buford, 1 Lot, Frankford District

Claude Adkins and Anne Adkins to West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Board of Governors, 2 Parcels, Lewisburg Municipality

Vicki L. Smith Doyle and Joseph E. Smith, 1 Lot, Blue Sulphur Tax District

Deanna L. Jenkins and Thomas K. Jenkins to Charles Harmon and Ruth Harmon, 2 Lots, Meadow Bluff District

Kenneth J. Bragg to Kenneth J. Bragg and Aimee S. Bragg, 74.06 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Von Monique White to Eric White, 2 Parcels, Meadow Bluff District

Patricia Marie Batty Drebing to G. Hugh Harris, 3 Parcels, Alderson Municipality

Richard L. Dowdy and Debry S. Dowdy to Joshua Piner and Jennifer Piner, 3.22 Acres, White Sulphur District

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