Zelda Harris, Walter B. Cousins, Priscilla Tolliver, Timothy L. Brandon, Theresa Brandon and Veronica V. Brandon to Walter B. Cousins, 80.11 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Donald G. Holliday, Dreama S. Holliday, Angela H. Williams, Gary S. Holliday and James Russell Holliday to Shawn R. Romano, 1 Parcel, Fort Spring District

Donald E. Reedy to Donald E. Reedy and Tabitha Starr, 1 Acre, Anthony Creek

Sarah Elkins to Thomas Clay Elkins, 1 Lot, Town of White Sulphur Springs

Stephen F. Capaldo to Leonidas Martinez, 1 Lot, Lewisburg Municipality

Martina Cole Nutter to Robert L Ady, 2.632 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Russell A. Hedrick, Donna F. Hedrick to Gregory Allen Sampson and Audrey S. Sampson, 6.02 Acres, Irish Corner District

Helen R. Hanson to Marina C. Nutter, 2 Tracts, Blue Sulphur District

Richard A. Hawver and Donna J. Hawver to Marshall W. Jones and Patricia H. Jones, 1 Lot, Lewisburg Municipality

Charles Nester to Helen Hanson, 2 Lots, Town of East Rainelle

Margaret June Patton to David W. Frantz, 26 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Virginia T. Jones to Jody T. Wilber and Rhonda R. Richardson, 1 Lot, Lewisburg District

Rosetta Hiser to Robert W. McClung, Jr., 2 Parcels, Meadow Bluff District

Stephanie Nichole Stevens and Alicia Michelle Haley to Donald Burdette and Barbara Burdette, 4 Lots, Rupert Corporation

Patricia A. Hill to Marsha R. Fernandez, 3 Lots, Frankford District

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