Quick Essentials, Inc. to Little General Store, Inc., .734 Acres, Lewisburg District

Donald M. Huber and Susan F. Huber to Melody L. Taylor, 2 Parcels, Frankford District

Danny W. Holland to Matthew B. Wykle and Amy L. Wykle, 1.83 Acres, Frankford District

Mark F. Drennen and Shelby L. Drennen to Jeressa Annalee Jackson, 1 Tract, Meadow Bluff District

Tommy L. Napier and Ethel Napier to Roger T. Kincaid and Amy R. Kincaid, 1 Lot, White Sulphur Springs Municipality

Martha L. Burns to J. David Deitz and Crystal Deitz, 13.69 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Alan B. Williams and Jeffery T. Williams to Christopher M. Williams, 1 Parcel, Alderson Municipality

REAM Interests, Inc. and Paul D. Laman and Verna R. Laman to Eric Stratmann and Suzanne Keddie, 2 Lots, Town of Lewisburg

Mildred Simmons Clutter to Glenn C. Simmons and Barbara Joan Simmons, 2 Acres, Williamsburg District

P. L. Gainer and Elizabeth B. Gainer to Greg S. Weikle and Donna S. Weikle, 1 Lot, Lewisburg Municcpal Tax District

Charles Feury, Jr. and Wilma L. Feury to Joseph M. Teubert, 1 Lot, White Sulphur Corporation

Perry O. McCallister to Stella G. Hamrick, 2 Tracts, Blue Sulphur Springs District

White Gate Development, LLC. To James L. McClung, 1 Parcel, White Sulphur Municipality

Jennifer Banton to Jennifer Banton and Anthony Banton, 1 Parcel, Lewisburg District

Meirlyn M. Bock, Alan A. Bock, Debra A. Williams, Tressa N. Stumer, Marcia J. Scott and Brenda S. Scott to Robert H. Hurt and Maria F. Hurt, 1 Lot, White Sulphur Municipality

Earl R. Boone to Earl R. Boone and Peggy W. Boone, 12.8894 Acres, Falling Springs District

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