Shelby D. Hanna to James P. Hanna, 0.99 Acre, Frankford Dist.

Brenda C. Snider and Billy M. Snider to Max Massey and Joan Poole, 86 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.

The Greenbrier Sporting Club Development Co., Inc. to Warren H. May, Lot #52, Greenbrier Summit Village Phase II Neighborhood, White Sulphur Dist.

Warren H. May to The Greenbrier Sporting Club Development Co., Inc., Lot #46, The Ridges on Greenbrier Mountain Phase II, White Sulphur Dist.

Gary S. Dean and Ann P. Dean to Madhuvan Properties, LLC, Lots #26, 27, 28, Tallahassee Addition, Fort Spring Dist.

Richard L. Midkiff to Ronnie McClung and Ellen McClung, Property I-Lots #6, 7, 48, 9; Property II-Lot #8; Property III-Lots #4 & 5, all of Maple Grove Addition, Town of Rupert

Charles B. Alderman and Deborah D. Alderman to J & J Camp Worx. LLC, Tract I-Lots #78 & 79; Tract II-1/2 Lot #83, Lot #82 & 1/2 Lot #81, White Sulphur City Addition, White Sulphur Springs Dist.

Mary Jill Gwinn to Charles E. Gwinn and Mary Jill Gwinn. Tract I-8 Acres; Tract II-120 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Charles E. Gwinn and Mary Jill Gwinn to Lee Aaron Gwinn and Charles Eric Gwinn, Tract I -8 Acres; Tract II-120 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Jeffrey W. Lushbaugh to Jesse Dean Hoke and Traci Ann Dixon, Lot #3. Broken Star Acres, Lewisburg Dist.

Benjamin R. Handley to Richard Musser and Cornelia Musser, 17.921 Acres, Fort Spring Dist.

Robert S. Slaven to Christianna M. Boothe. 0.196 Acre, Fort Spring Dist.

Dennis Lafon and Jaime Lafon to George W. Perkins, Jr. and Melissa Baker Perkins, 1.0 Acre, Blue Sulphur Dist.

City National Bank of WV to Peter M. Burdette and Sharon A. Burdette, Tract I-1.84 Acres; Tract II-2.51 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Thomas Scott Rogan and Elizabeth H. Rogan to Jeff Bean and Pamela Butcher, 6 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Elizabeth C. Beck and Michael W. Garis to Ric Boice and Barry Strickland, Parcel I-Lots #24, 25, 26; Parcel II-Lot #27; Lot III-Lot #23, all of Block 6, Subdivision 2, Town of Rupert

City National Bank of WV to Marilyn McGuire, Lots v#135 & 134, Lilly Park Addition, Town of Rainelle

Jeffery W. Morris and Mary L. Morris to Holly N. Morris and Alan Shipley, Lots #74, 75, 76, Revised Addition, Block 1, Town of White Sulphur Springs

Geraldine L. Arbuckle and Hale H. Arbuckle to Eagle Run Land, Inc., 1.076 Acres, Lewisburg Corp.

Rhonda G. Childers to Frankie L. Castle, Lot #5, Hughart Addition, East Rainelle

Jerilyn Weikle to Leo Weikle, Lot #49, Stonehouse Woods Subdivision, Lewisburg Dist.

Carolyn Bostic, Cathy Ingram Van Metre, et al to Edward R. Butler and Barbara E. Butler, Lot #15, Rolling Hills Subdivision #3, Lewisburg Municipality

Ronald L. Riffle and Brandy Lisa Riffle to Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc., Tract I-6,250 Sq Ft: Tract II-6,250 Sq Ft; Tract III-6,250 Sq Ft, Rupert Corp. Dist.

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Maribel O. Gray, 3.0 Acres, Irish Corner Dist.

Frances E. Bostic, Cleo V. Winebrimmer, et al to Vernon E. Bostic and Frances E. Bostic, Remington A. Hoke and Julie A. Hoke, 0.651 Acre & 1.0 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.

Bryan P. Strobel and Gabrielle N. Strobel to Ethel M. Oney, Lot #21, Block 8, Town of Charmco

Darrell W. Clevenger and Pauline R. Clevenger, Lots #92 & 93, Osborne Addition, Town of East Rainelle

City National Bank to Glenna May Haynes Deitz, Barbara Ann Haynes, Mary Lou Haynes, Carolyn Ruth Haynes Melton, William Ronald Haynes, Charlotte Elizabeth Haynes Plantz and George Haynes, Tract I-199.42 Acres; Tract II-67.83 Acres & 10.34 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Thomas Lee Moore and Janice Irene Moore to Edward A. Bell, Lot #138, South Ridge Subdivision, Irish Corner Dist.

Thomas Bradford Bowling to William and Karen Bowling Family Trust. 20 Acres & 1.8 Acres, White Sulphur Springs Dist.

Alice Faye Dunford to Russell L. Dunford and Wallace R. Dunford, 0.73 Acre & 0.09 Acre, Lewisburg Dist.

G. Scott Family Trust to Harmoni Mand, LLC, 572.586 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.

The Board of Education of the County of Greenbrier to New River Community & Technical College Foundation, 4.752 Acres, City of Lewisburg

William T. Rodgers to Deena M. Rodgers, Lots #24 & 26; Lot #22, Ronceverte Municipality

Schewel Furniture Co., Inc. to Dave E. Mills and Paula F. Lessard, 2.02 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Julia H. McMurray and Edward Turner McMurray to David J. Hamric and Hilary Hamric, 21,406 Sq Ft, Lewisburg Municipality

Rodney D. Dean and Donna L. Dean to Girlonza Scott and K. Jane Scott, 439 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Rebecca R. Hanna to Jonathan P. Byler and Julie A. Byler, 5.797 Acres, Falling Spring Dist.

Oakhurst Club, LLC to William R. Moore and Donna M. Moore, Lot #27, Howards Creek Phase 2 Neighborhood, White Sulphur Dist.

William R. Moore and Donna M. Moore to Oakhurst Club, LLC, Lot #76, The Ridges on Greenbrier Mountain, White Sulphur Dist.

Harold E. Callison and Carol A. Callison to Stephen Lytle, LotS #7 & 8, Section 15, East Rainelle Municipality

Kim Ray Lilly and Tracie R. Lilly to Joe Evan 1111, LLC, 0.2988 Acre, Frankford Dist.

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 21,966 Sq Ft, White Sulphur Dist.

Tammy L. Bowman and Andrew D. Bowman to James Legrand and Pamela Legrand, Lot 33, Midland Heights Addition, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Philip L. McLaughlin and Paula McLaughlin to Philip L. McLaughlin. Jr. and Sherry B. McLaughlin, 0.017 Acre, Lewisburg Municipal Dist.

Philip L. McLaughlin. Jr. and Sherry B. McLaughlin to Philip L. McLaughlin and Ream Interests, Inc., 0.342 Acre, Lewisburg Municipal Tax Dist.

Philip L. McLaughlin and Paula McLaughlin to Ream Interests, Inc., 28,734 Sq Ft & 0.017 Acre, Lewisburg Municipal Tax Dist.

Addison O. Miller to Joan Miller, Lot #9, C. H. Hedrick Addition, Town of Alderson

Gloria Lee Lance to Robert L. Lance, Sr. and Linda A. Lance, 2.08 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Charles R. Wright, Jr. to Elizabeth G. Santiago and Alberto Santiago, Lots #52, 53, 54, 55, Riverview Addition, Town of Alderson

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