The Greenbrier Sporting Club Development Co., Inc. to J. Patrick Droppleman, Lot #51, Greenbrier Summit Village Phase II Neighborhood, White Sulphur Dist.
Phillip Wayne Talbott and Sheila Gayle Talbott to Charles Willey and Rhonda Willey, Tract I-5,160 SqFt; Tract II- 14.5 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Guy W. Loudermilk and Gayle A. Loudermilk to John Ballard King and Jennifer Wykle King, Property I-8.766 Acres; Property II-8.174 Acres, Frankford Dist.
Forrest E. Vass, Jr. and Patty M. Vass to Forrest E. Vass, III and Patty M. Vass, 0.462 Acre, Fort Spring Dist.
Wendy Belle Bragg to John P. Moul, Lots #25 & 26, Section 12, Levelton Land & Improvement Company’s Land, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Gale Lester to Mary K. Brown, Michael H. Brown, Aaron Lee Brown and David A. Brown, Parcel I-#1357, Highland Addition; Parcel II-Lots #1359 & 1361, Maryland Ave. & West Virginia Ave., Town of Rainelle
Bobbie Joe Criddle and Margaret Ruth Criddle to Robert Lewis Neal, Lot# 111, Hughart Addition, Town of East Rainelle
Pamela Lynn Baker to Steven Eli Ridgeway and Barbara Wallace Ridgeway, 0.98 Acre, Lewisburg Dist.
Barbara S. Southern to Ronnie W. Hylton and Christina C. Hylton, eastern 1/2 of Lot #5, Lewis’ Greenbrier River Camp Sites, Fort Spring Dist.
Charles R. McCormick, Jr. to Patricia G. Vandall, 0.31 Acre, Frankford Dist.
Melvin E. Hendricks, Joe H. Hendricks, etal to Carlos R. Mann and Delores L. Mann, 3 Parcels: 6/10 of an acre; 1/4 of an acre; 0.085 acre, Fort Spring Dist.
R & L Land Co., LLC to Anthony’s Truck Repair, LTD Co., 3.31 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Lisa Ann Mullins and Hugh Mullins to Charles Price, Sr., Property I-0.456 Acre; Property II-0.058 Acre, Frankford Dist.
James A. Facemire to The Trustees of the Fort Spring Missionary Baptist Church, 0.12 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.
David E. Thomas and Violet C. Thomas to Sherry Ann Thompson, 3.66 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.
Zachary R. Coleman to Heather R. Bennett, Lot #4, Anderson Estates, Lewisburg Tax Dist.
Sweet Grass Properties, LLC to Carolee Christian, Lot #5, Phase I, Traditional Neighborhood Development for Sweet Grass Properties, Lewisburg Dist.
Alvin E. Suttle, Jr. to Kristina N. Suttle, 47.0 Acres, Meadow Bluff & Blue Sulphur Dist.
Kristina N. Suttle to Deny R. Ross, 47.0 Acres, Meadow Bluff & Blue Sulphur Dist.
Stephen E. Gustard to Raymond L. Ferguson, Property I-Lot #68 & northern 10 feet of Lot #67; Property II-Lot #69, Atkinson Place Addition, Town of White Sulphur Springs
William C. Hazelbeck and Jeannette Hazelbeck to Jeffrey A. Ross and Susan J. Ross, Lot #G-15 & 17, Lot #G-16, Garden Heights Addition, Lewisburg Municipality
Nikolaus Travler Flora to Harmony Grace Flora, 0.86 Acre, Frankford Dist.
Lonnie L. Withrow and Carmen Withrow to Louis A. Withrow, 19,000 SqFt, Lewisburg Dist.