Fairview Associates, LLC to Walter Dean Hanson and Julie M. Hanson, 1 Tract, Lewisburg District

OCD, LLC to C. Lynch Christain, III and Melanie F. Christain, 2 Parcels, White Sulphur District

Everette Dwaine Roach FKA Everette Dwayne Roach to Christopher J. Check and Melissa C. Check, .11 Acres, Rainelle Corporation District

Johnny Bias, Katie Lillian Bias and Benjamin Bias to Michael Anthony Vint, 1 Lot, Anthony Creek District

Paul M. Stroebel and R. Brandon Johnson to John G. Beard, 2 Properties, Frankford District

Louise H. Utterback to David B. Wigglesworth and Pamela L. Wigglesworth, 7.9 Acres, Alderson Corporation

Samuel LaRocco and Claire LaRocco to Robert McLucas Calhoun and Katherine D. Calhoun, 1 Lot, City of Lewisburg

Murl M. Rader and Sue K. Rader to James Eugene Rader and Vicky Sue Rader Sapngler, 3 Tracts, Greenbrier County

Katrina Ann Rider to Alan L. Rider, 1 Plat, Anthony Creek District

Adam O’brien to Jonathon H. Whanger and Ruby J. Whanger, 1 Tract, Irish Corner District

Robert L. Surbaugh to Greenbrier River Retreat, LLC., 2 Tracts, Frankford District

Fairview Asociates, LLC. To Charles F. Schoen, .809 Acres, Lewisburg District

James Bostic, Jerryd Labron Clyburn and Clarence Lee to George B. Bryant, Jr., .5 Acre, Southern District, Greenbrier County

Ronnie L. Glover, Jr. to Leo Weikle and Jerilyn Weikle, 1 Lot, Lewisburg District

Dean D. Rudisill and Yvonne C. Rudisill to Ginger. E. Steele, 1 Lot, Alderson Municaplity

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