Everett L. Kendall and Connie R. Kendall to Robert Wayne Killen, Tract I- 6,250 SqFt; Tract II- 6,250 SqFt, Town of Rupert
Sandra McElwain, Drema Hedrick, et al to Sams Resources, LLC, 2.80 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.
Tonya G. Redden to Lloyd D. Hinkle, 4.775 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Lee Ann Gillian to Clifford Gillian and Lee Ann Gillian, Lots #1 & 5, Division of the Mrs. H.B. Moore Property, Town of Lewisburg
Shirley R. Perrine to Stephen A. Spoeth and Olive F. Spoeth, 2.030 Acres, Lewisburg Tax Dist.
The Greenbrier Sporting Club Development Co., Inc. to Richard E. Croasdaile, III and Constance R. Croasdaile, Lot #5, Greenbrier Summit Village Phase One Neighborhood, White Sulphur Dist.
Harold L. Toler, Jr. and Jennifer Toler to Walter Hankins and Patricia Hankins, Lot #9, J. Preston Zopp Subdivision, Town of Rupert
Manfred A. Bennett and Linda Gail Bennett to Jason Morgan Bennett, Lisa Lynn Russo and Mark Allen Bennett, 2.18 Acres, Irish Corner Dist.
Community Trust Bank, Inc. to Tony Hill, Lot #1, Phase I Fairview Associates, LLC Subdivision, Lewisburg Dist.
Gordon W. Bennett to Annette Lynn Taylor and Wetzel Allen Taylor, 30.02 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.
Frank W. Alderman,Harry L. Luther and Patricia Luther to Charles Jury and Sherri Jury, 0.358 Acre, Town of White Sulphur Springs
J. H. Whanger to Kevin Holliday and Nancy Holliday, Lot #26, Caldwell Plan of Lots, White Sulphur Tax Dist.
Daniel Harper and Rhonda M. Harper to Debra A. McCormick, James McCormick and Mark McCormick, Lot #107, Locust Street, Town of Rainelle
William G. White and Betty Jo White to Olivia Spence, Parcel A- 4.873 Acres; Parcels B & C-60.809 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.
Sandra Sue Johnson to Thomas A. Elmore and Joan D. Elmore, Parcel I- 0.34 Acre; Parcel II-0.5270 Acre, Lewisburg Dist.
Robert D. Hayes and Flo M. Hayes to Emmett W. Sullivan and Kimberly D. Sullivan, 1.0 Acre, Town of White Sulphur Springs
Roger D. McGuire to William B. Bell and Lesa M. Bell, Lot #2, Block 3, Surbaugh Addition, Town of East Rainelle
Florian Schleiff to Mark Bowe and Cindy Bowe, 5.618 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.
Steven J. Hawkins and Shirley Hawkins to Robert Walton and Marianne Walton, Property I- 5 Acres; Property II – 31,200 Sq Ft, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Debra C. Morgan to Paul J. Morgan, Tract I-1.155 Acres; Tract II-0.50 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.
Stanislav V. Tenkovskiy to Stacy Nicole Hicks, 2.455 Acres, Fort Springs Dist.
Kenneth Canada to Nastasha R. Cook and Lisa Montgomery, 0.14 Acre, Anthony Creek Dist.
Rhonda Stallings Escobar Arrington, Jennifer Stallings, et al to Jason D. Hunsecker, 2 Acres, Irish Corner Dist.
Ruth Highlander and Johnnie M. Highlander to Johnnie M. Highlander and Kathryn L. Highlander, 113 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.
Jesse C. Hutsenspiller, Ruth E. Helmick, et al to Ruth E. Helmick, 0.57 Acre, Blue Sulphur Dist.
Deed Book 585 End Page 266

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