Evelynn O’Dell to Howard A. Reed and Vicki L. Reed, 0.6785 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Castle 2016, LLC to OMNinvestments, LLC, lot #8, White Rock Mountain Retreat, Sunset Ridge Subdivision, Irish Corner Dist.

Trudy Halstead, Lewis Halstead, et alto Trudy Halstead, Lot #9, Burroughs Addition, Town of Alderson

Trudy Halstead, Lewis Halstead, et al to Betty J. Young, 2.4 Acres, Blue Sulphur Tax Dist.

Leah Frances Legg to Philip Adams and Patsy Adams, 4 Parcels, Deitz Addition, Town of Quinwood

James Robert Holcombe and Catherine J. Holcombe to Billy W. Bennett, 2.35 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Mont A. Simms and Ruby M. Simms to Little Creek Properties, LLC, Lots #93 & 94, Bowman Realty Co. Addition, East Rainelle

Marvin Kelly Vaughan and Marcie Lynn Vaughan to Little Creek Properties, LLC, Lot # 1408 & part of Lot #1406, Highland Addition, Rainelle Municipal Tax Dist.

Marvin Kelly Vaughan and Marcie Lynn Vaughan to Little Creek Properties, LLC, 0.09 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Marvin Kelly Vaughan and Marcie Lynn Vaughan to Little Creek Properties, LLC, one/12 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Gary D. Farren and Bonnie Sue Farren to Susan Ann Byers and Sarah Beth Browning, Tract I-3.45 Acres; Tract II- 2.28 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Lola Urma Morgan to Troy Kevin Alexander Leonhardt and Danielle R. Leonhardt, Lots #27 & 27 A, Hamilton Place Addition, White Sulphur Dist.

Jordan R. Sizemore and Etta Jane Sizemore to Teddy Doyle Sizemore, Property I- 3 Acres & 34 Acres; Property II- 139 Acres & 45 Acres; Property Ill- 1.4 Acres; Property IV- 10 Acres, Falling Spring Dist.

Barry L. Burger to Sudhakar Kesari and Nirmala Vaduka, Unit #133, Blackbird Village, Lewisburg Municipality

Rex Hamrick, Sr. and Priscilla Weikle to Cendlelyn Workman, Parcels I & II- Lots #7 & 8, Section 11, Lily Land & Improvement Co. Addition; Parcel III- Lot #22, Block 11, Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Meadow Bluff Dist.

Kimberly Young to Robert J. McCoy and Samantha D. Ellis, Lot #20, Valley Ridge Estates, Frankford Dist.

David B. Kelly and Tammy L. Kelly to Rick N. McCarty, 5.06 Acres, White Sulphur Springs Dist.


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