Keith Crookshanks and Jeannie Crookshanks to Lora K. Napier and Tamera Crookshanks, 1.264 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.

Elizabeth Destiny to Timothy W. Pence, 13.0 Acres, Fort Spring Tax Dist.

Cleo H. Clendenen to Cleo H. Clendenen and Hilda E. Clendenen, 10.16 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Deborah Osborne to Holly Clark, Jr. and Janet Clark, Lots #1361 Ohio Ave., Highland Addition, Meadow River Lumber Co., Meadow Bluff Dist.

Thomas M. Farmer and Syprenia L. Farmer to Roger D. McGuire and Mona M. Bunington, Lots #97 & 98, Osborne Addition, Town of East Rainelle

Cleo H. Clendenen and Hilda E. Clendenen to Robert Eugene Alderman II, Cynthia Lynn Miller & Jessica Marie Clark, 10.16 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Zopp Family Irrevocable Living Trust to Dewey Dwayne Beckner, Lot #6, Town of Quinwood

Carl E. Simpson to Myron C. Vaughan and Jennifer B. Vaughan, 1.01 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Ernest E. Hizer and Betty J. Hizer to Kathleen Frances Cook Irrevocable Trust, 0.008 Acre, Williamsburg Dist.

Debra L. Spencer Ballard to Nathan Hersman, 0.26 Acre, Town of Alderson

New River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to Joseph Wayne Weikle and Catherine Nicole Weikle, 0.382 Acre, Frankford Dist.

City National Bank of WV to Matthew Fleshman and Melissa Fleshman, 3.69 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Patricia A. Nyikos, 4.295 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Robert McClung and Bonnie Ray McClung to Curtis W. McClung, Tract I- 812.5 Sq Ft; Tract II-2,587 Sq Ft; Tract III-2 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Donna L. Adkins to Cynthia J. Salim and Charlotte S. Armstrong, 0.135 Acres, City of Rainelle

Roger Dale Shaver to Roger Dale Shaver and Neva Marie Shaver, 0.58 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Karen Wondsor to Otis Queen, Parcel I-12,500 Sq Ft: Parcel II- 6,250 Sq Ft, Rupert Municipal Tax Dist.

Robert W. McClung and Bonnie Ray McClung, Curtis McClung and Kim McClung to Otis Carl Queen, Parcel I-0.25 Acre; Parcel II-0.5 Acre; Parcel III-0.5 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Gregory S. Franklin and Angela D.M. Benny to Bryan P. Strobel and Gabrielle N. Strobel, Lots #21 & 22, Block 8 Midland Realty Co., Meadow Bluff Dist.

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Brian C. Gullett, Lot #160, West Hollow Subdivision; Lot #103, Greenbrier Vistas Subdivision, White Sulphur Dist.

Paul E. Yoder and Mabel L. Yoder to Carroll C. Bassett, 1.21 Acres, Falling Spring Dist.

George McGoskey and Patricia McGoskey to Christopher E. Sheppard and Hilda M. Sheppard, Lot #15, Wildwood Subdivision, Lewisburg Municipality

Thony A. Reyes to Francisco A. Martinez and Iris L. Martinez, Lots #15 & 14, Mann Camp Sites, Anthony Creek Dist.

David W. Hankinson and Radonna B. Hankinson to James A. Moore and Annette L. Moore, Lot #7, Oak Branch Subdivision, Lewisburg Dist.

James G. Bayless, Sr. and Jeanette Bayless to Katherine M. Ogle, 2.316 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Sarah Helzer to Amelia E. Kinnison, Lot #19, Glen Haven Addition, White Sulphur Corp. Dist.

Kirby Dane Blankenship and Georgeann Marie Blankenship to Kayla Martin and EricK. Martin, Parcel I-Lots #50 & 51; Parcel II-Lots #52 & 53, Maple Grove Division ofTown of Rupert

Kelli L. Vest and RichardS. Reigel to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N>A>, Tract I-2.21 Acres; Tract II-11.57 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Kenneth G. Evans and Rita K. Evans to Melanie Cox, Lena Hoke, Mary Cook, Margaret MacDuff, 2 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.

Charles Lee Krystynak, Sr. to Travis Eugene Campbell, 0.75 Acre, Fort Spring Dist.

Lone Oak, LLC to Derwin Huffman and Rebekah Huffman, 150 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.

Rosalie Keister to William B. Bell and Lesa M. Bell, Lot #8, Section 16, Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Town of Rainelle

Glenna L. Waid to Travis Levi Bland and Glenna L. Waid, 3.85 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.

Bobby G. Bragg and Barbara J. Bragg to John M. murphy and Penelope B. Murphy, 25,468 Sq Ft, White Sulphur Springs Municipality

Katrina Rutherford to Marty E. Rutherford, Lot #17, East side of Frankford Road, City of Ronceverte