Darrell Thomas Forbes to Arbutus Persinger, Lot #29, Section 15, Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Town of Rainelle

Walter J. Sheets and Son, Inc. to Michael Sheets, 1 Acre, Williamsburg Dist.

Dorothy R. Owens and Bill Owens to Dorothy R. Owens, Bill Owens and Charles A. Owens, Lot #19, Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca Village, White Sulphur Dist.

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Gary S. Brown and Mitzi M. Brown, Lot #85, East Ridge Subdivision, White Rock Mountain Retreat, White Sulphur Dist.

Jesse C. Hutsenpiller, Ruth E. Helmick, et al to Harold E. Callison and Carol A. Callison, 3.52 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Kermit Morgan and Bonnie Morgan to Brian Martin and Marlene Martin, 0.76 Acre & 0.66 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.

Paul W. Shortridge and Melissa D. Shortridge to Charles R. Saunders and Susan M. Saunders, Lots #13 & 14, Block 1, Interstate #64 Subdivision, White Sulphur Dist.

Michael R. Hunter and Pamela L. Hunter to Harry Phipps and Sherry Phipps, Parcel I-15,215 Sq.Ft.; Parcel II- Lots #21 & 22, Midland Heights Addition, Town of Rupert, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Daniel I. Hammonds and Carissa Hammonds to Maple Landvoigt and Whitney Merewether, Lots #5 & 6, Block 1, Seneca Estates Addition, Town of Lewisburg

Barbara H. Sweetwood to John W. Huffman and Jessica L. Huffman, 1.01 Acre, City of Ronceverte

Sean J. Goodwin and Stacy L. Goodwin to George Joseph Lynch, Lots #18 & 19, Caldwell Addition, Town of White Sulphur Springs

Emma L. Loudermilk to Debra King, 0.50 Acre, Lewisburg Dist.

Penny Anderson to Claude P. Taylor, Parcel I-0.80 Acre; Parcel ll-65 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.

Annabelle E. Napier and Warren S. Napier to Paul Harris and Rita Ann Harris, 1.40 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Walter L. Baker and Dolores P. Cator to Betty Baker and David Baker, 18.083 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Robert Dunlap, Esq. to Jeffrey Cline and Bonnie J. Cline, Lots #224, 225, 226, Lilly Park Addition, Town of Rainelle

Jeffrey L. Cline and Bonnie J. Cline to Jeremy JH. Cline and Joyce L. Cline, 4,865 Sq.Ft., Town of Rainelle

Kenna R. Shafer to James N. Holliday, 10.68 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Tommy Rose and Eva Rose to Harold Lane Harrison, 4.60 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.

Tommy Rose and Eva Rose to Clyde Dean Harrison, Tract I-60 Acres; Tract ll-38 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.

Double H Ventures, LLC to Gladys M. Staten, 0.118 Acre, Fort Spring Dist.

Kimberly D. Goddard and Jeremy L. Goddard to Donald M. Clark and Sharon E. Hoke, Lot #27, Murphy Addition, City of White Sulphur Springs

City of White Sulphur Springs to Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corp., 8.35 Acres, White Sulphur Springs Dist.

Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corp. to Main Street White Sulphur, Inc., 8.35 Acres, White Sulphur Springs Dist.

Michael Lee Viera to Stone Financing, LLC, Parcel 1-2.08 Acres; Parcel Il-2.05 Acres, Meadow Bluff & Quinwood Corp. Dist.

Frank L. Collins, Frederick W. Trevail, et al to Wayne Dowdy, Paul Boggs & Frank Defibaugh, Lots #3, 4, 5, Caldwell Addition, Village of Caldwell

Gary Klein to Gary Klein and Carrington Dugger, Lot #3, Block E, Garden Heights Addition, Lewisburg Municipal Tax Dist.

Hinton Department Co. to Elinor & Co., LLC, 10,027 Sq.Ft., City of Lewisburg

Elinor & Co., LLC to Catherine T. McKinney, 10,027 Sq.Ft., City of Lewisburg

Joanna Levan to Megan Marie Copenhaver and Kristen Shaylee Copenhaver, 3.01 Acres, Frankford Dist.


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