Michael J. Menzer and Cynthia M. Menzer to Northstreet Partners II, LLC, Lot #42, White Sulphur Hill Neighborhood, Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur Dist.

Betty Lucille McClung to Mark A. McClung, Lots #14, 15, 16, 17, V.M. McClung Addition, East Rainelle Subdivision, Rainelle Municipality

Paula L. Baisden to Ned J. Roques and Heather H. Roques, 4.731 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Adam William Morris to Cheryl Marie Morris, 5 Acres, Frankford Dist.

Timothy B. Beale to Timothy B. Beale and Dianne M. Beale, 0.892 Acre, Lewisburg Dist.

Freda S. Casto to D’Vonne Joy Gadomski and Denise Mae Casto, Property I-1.0 Acre; Property II-0.72 Acre, White Sulphur Dist.

Inez L. Neff, Jerald A. Neff, et al to Kathleen Frances Cook Irrevocable Trust, Tract I-24.9 Acres; Tract II-2 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.

Josheph Lamar Norris to Joseph Lamar Norris and Sylina J. Norris, 2.179 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.

Linda Sue Petry to John Daniel Goodwyn, 2.78 Acres, Blue Sulphur Tax Dist.

Curtis K. Goins and Nida A. Sheppard, et alto Hazel M. Russell, 5 Acres, Fort Spring Dist.

Richard L. Burns to Tara Burns, 2.09 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Richard A. Fleshman, Royce C. Fleshman, et al to Pamela Cayton, 0.537 Acre, Blue Sulphur Dist.

Frank J. Kadel and Susan L. Kadel to Randall M. Mitchell and Christine M. Anthony, 20,009 Sq.Ft., Lewisburg Municipality

Margaret E. Romage to Andrew M. Kenney, Lots #111, 112, 113, Lilly Parl Addition, Town of Rainelle

Corey Dauwel and Tiffany R. Dauwel to Robert L. Waigh, Jr., 8.52 Acres, Irish Corner Dist.

Eugene R. Iwanski and Sarah E. Iwanski to Brent Kevin Baldwin and Brandy L. Baldwin, 21.81 Acres, Falling Spring Dist.

Alissa Novoselick and Cynthia Novoselick to William T. Longanacre, 26.03 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Steven W. Redden and Karen N. Redden to Michael Wayne Redden, Tract I-0.25 Acre; Tract II-4.88 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Steven W. Redden to Steven Brian Redden, Lots #6, 19, 7, 20, Charmco Heights Subdivision, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Kester Ramsey, Bernard C. Ransey, et al to Kester Ramsey, 8.41 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.


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