Donna J. Scott to Nelda Nutter, 1 Parcel, Anthony Creek District

Michael S. Rose and Judith A. Rose to Michael S. Rose and

 Judith A. Rose, 1.7 Acres, Falling Spring District

Gary B. Blankenship to Todd T. Waggy and Melissa A. Waggy,

   3 Properties, Lewisburg District

Olivia Spence to William G. White and Betty Jo White, 3 Parcels,

   White Sulphur District

Whitlock Realty, Inc. to RBL Investment Company, LLC.,

   .824 Acre, Lewisburg District

Sandra L. Boone to Harold T. Scott and Frances L. Scott,

   .159 Acre, Fort Spring District

Swan Lake II , LLC., to Donald M. Huber and Susan F. Huber,

    1 Lot, White Sulphur District

Carolyn D. Mareneck to Carolyn D. Mareneck 2013 Revocable

   Trust, 3 Tracts, Lewisburg District

Christopher W. Meehan and Tara N. Meehan to George Houston

   Adkins, Jr. and Brandalynne W. Adkins, 1.965 Acres,

   Meadow Bluff District

Bobby J. Goss and June M. Angell-Goss to Wayne R. Persinger,

   22.781 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

James R. Fry, Sr., Juanita M. Fry and James R. Fry, Jr. to James

    R. Fry, Jr. and Tara A. Fry, 2.545 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Gary W. Sharp to David Lemons, 1 Lot, White Sulphur District

Ayash Farms, LLC. To James C. Justice Companies, Inc.,

   2 Tracts, Fort Spring District

Jean Miller Arbuckle and Lockhart F. Arbuckle to Roy S. Young,

  1 Tract, Irish Corner District

Ruth Ann Boothe and Helen Boothe to Robert Atkinson,

   8.28 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

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