Phyllis Doe to Denice Osbourne, Michele N. Gilbert and Elyse R. Gerard, 0.334 Acre, Lewisburg Municipality

Big View, LLC to Rodney D. Heming and Tamela Mellott Heming, Tract I-0.807 Acre, Tract II-13.702 Acres, Frankford District

Roger Dale Sams to Beverly L. Palmer, Lot # 17, Section I, Gwinn Land Co. Morning View Addition, Town of Alderson

Rexanna Noble to C. Joe Cook, 22.53 Acres, Fort Spring District

Kirby Blankenship and Georgeann Blankenship to Chad C. Tincher and Emily A. Tincher, Parcel I-2.0 Acres; Parcel II-1. 17 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Estate of Greta Catherine Honaker Totten, Danny D. Totten and Timothy F. Totten to Stephanie Judy, 24.70 Acres, Fort Spring District

Jessica Winebrimmer to Elmer Lee Anderson, Lot #32, Wallace Rockland Campsites, Fort Spring District

J. Michael Anderson to Ruh Roh, LLC, 2.34 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Henrietta Carter to Melissa L. Carter, 0.724 Acre, Irish Corner District

Henrietta Carter to Rex A. Carter and Shirley J. Carter, 1.663 Acres, Irish Corner District

Lisbeth L. Cherrington to Edward Klopper, Lot #11, Travelers Hill, Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District

Estate of Loutecia Ola Brackman to Andrew R. Leech, Jr., Lots #14 & 15, Block 6, Huddleston Hills Addition, White Sulphur Corp. District


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