Deeds 12-13-2014

Dorcas T. Taylor to Frederick A. Taylor, 1 Acre & 0.806 Acre, Anthony Creek District

Jimmy Leon King and Cristy King to Amy Leona King-Nelson and Ronald Lee Nelson, Jr., 2.93 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Karen McCullough to Greg McCullough, 1.04 Acres, Lewisburg District

Ruth McClintic Morgan to Stephany A. Morgan and Nancy Morgan Roche, 3 Parcels, Town of Frankford

Teddy Combs, Jr. and Nancy C. Combs to Sarah N. Cook, 3,120 Sq. Ft., Rupert Municipality

Dwayne C. Napier and Debra K. Napier to Jessica R. Winebrimmer, 1.542 Acres, Lewisburg District

Kathleen Flint to Donald E. Parker, Jr. and Deborah A. Parker, 1.551 Acres, Williamsburg District

Dennis Michael Powell to L. Douglas Honaker, 1 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.

Jeffrey A. Harlow and Heather Harlow to David W. Hankinson and Radonna B. Hankinson, Lot # 7 of the Oak Branch Subdivision, Lewisburg Tax District

Marvin J. Godby and Karen S. Godby to Charles Van Reenen and Pamela M. Van Reenen, 6.247 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Danny Lee Patterson and Tina Kim Patterson to Kristy M. Baglin, 7.71 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Paul E. Von Kuster, III and Betsy A. Von Kuster to Betsy A. Von Kuster, Lot/Unit 5 of Reservoir Hill Neighborhood of The Sporting Club,White Sulphur District

James A. Whitlock to Lewis Halstead, Lots # 1 through 8, Block 1 of the Thurmond Subdivision, Alderson Municipal Tax District

Artie Shires and Carmela Shires to Tiffany Lynn Smith, Lot # 144 of the G.S. Alderson & J.M. Alderson Addition, Blue Sulphur District

WC Dept. of Transportation. Div. of Highways to Kenneth A. Holliday, Jr. and Sharon C. Holliday, 15.91 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Ada Grey Ayres to Susan Beth Ayres, 3 Properties in the Atkinson Place Addition, Town of White Sulphur Springs

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Edward R. Kicha and Kathy M. Kicha, Lot # 116 Greenbrier Vistas Subdivision, White Sulphur District

Jeffrey Hanna and Julia Hanna to Jeffrey Scott Hanna, Justin Andrew Hanna, and Thomas Eugene Hanna, 2.13 Acres, Fort Spring District

Cynthia Lynn Fleshman and Randall C. Fleshman to William H. Callison, Jr., 24,750 Sq. Ft., Frankford District

Anthony Pensule to Betty Pensule. 2 Properties, Lewisburg District

Clifford Humphries to Ronald Earl Christy, Patricia Kaye Christy, Kevin and Janna Christy, 22,800 Sq.Ft., Falling Spring District


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