Deeds 07.18.15

WV Housing Authority to Terry J. Hanna, 3.81 Acres, Fort Spring District

Jeremy Bennett and Amy E. Bennett to Randall L. Auvil and Phyllis M. Auvil, 1.75 Acres, Blue Sulphue District

Rhonda Pritt to Lyle M. Martin, Jr. and Diane R. Martin, 1.636 Acres, Ronceverte Municipality

James G. Lilly and Timmie Ann Korczyk to Kim Ray Lilly and Tracie R. Lilly, 0.2988 Acre, Frankford District

David A. Huffman to Kenneth E. Mandville and Brittany L. Mandville, 0.92 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Jeffrey W. Myers and Betsy R. Myers to Russell William Myers, Clara Morgan Myers and Olivia Rawlins Myers, 3.88 Acres, Lewisburg District

Timothy J. York and Kendra Webb to West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Board of Governors, 42 Sq. Rods, City of Lewisburg

Fredia Morris to Larry D. Goddard and Veronica E. Bailey, Lots #4 & 5, Block 2, Surbaugh Addition, Town of East Rainelle

Elizabeth Reynolds to Brian D. Reynolds, 0.132 Acre, Lewisburg Municipal District

Paul Richard Boggs, III and Kristin D. Boggs to Cendlelyn Workman, 76/100 Acre, Rainelle Municipality

Julie B. Johnson and James M. Johnson to Mark E. Ellis and Deborah A. Ellis, Parcel 1-0.70 Acre. Parcel 2-0.29 Acre, Fort Spring District

David R. Morgan to Kelly K. Morgan, Lots 29 & 30, Meadowbrook Estates Subdivision, Frankford District

Janis G. Salmons to Douglas E. Young and Crystal A. Young, Lot 27, Echols Acres, Addition #3, Lewisburg District

Sheila D. Hudson and Emily D. Griffith to Lee Kidd and Amy Kidd, 0.901 Acre, Fort Spring District

Shsirley R. Perrine to William Goins and Melissa Goins, 2 Acres, Lewisburg District

John H. Graham and Delores M. Graham to Dawn-Noel Pelelani Dunbar, 0.140 Acres, Rainelle Corp.

William J. Ramsey to Brian Keith Ramset, Bruce William Ramsey, and Jeanne Lynn Isaacs, Tract I – Lots 21 & 22: Tract II – Lots 18, 19, 20; Tract III – Lot 23. Woodland Park Subdivision, Fort Spring District

Ream Interests, Inc. to Van B. James, III and Amanda C. James, 9,595.85 Sq. Ft., Lewisburg Municipality

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